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Abortion Speech.

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Abortion Speech Hitiksha Patel Every abortion kills a human being. That is an unquestionable scientific statement. Would we see such debate and disagreement in the community if abortion were simply like having a tooth extracted? People who are for abortion feel uncomfortable with expressions such as 'unborn baby' and 'human being' because they are arguing for the right to end a human life, a unique, precious individual whose marvellous life has just begun and whose gifts and talents the world will never come to see. For many women the realisation of what they've done comes to late with deep regret, guilt and sorrow. Abortion goes against a woman's every instinct, it can be psychologically damaging to the woman. One woman shared her story saying "my sorrow was immeasurable, I was wracked with sobs, heaving aching sobs. ...read more.


At approximately 8 weeks all organs and body features are present and the child only needs to grow. The majority of abortions are performed around 10 to 12 weeks after fertilisation. By now the child can suck his thumb, make facial expressions, kick and move his fingers and toes. Some very gruesome and brutal abortions of perfectly healthy as well as disabled babies, are done at and beyond 20 weeks, right up to the age when doctors struggle, often successfully, to help premature 'wanted' babies to survive. The anti life lobby likes to trot out the hard cases - rape, life of the mother, deformed foetuses - and the backyard abortion horror stories. The facts, however, don't support their stand. Most unborn babies have their lives deliberately ended because their mothers face, not life-threatening illnesses but social, economic, career, and schooling or financial difficulties. ...read more.


Every year in the world there are about 45 million abortions, that's about one abortion in every three live births! In New Zealand alone there were around 17 400 abortions performed last year. The most common age for abortion in NZ last year were people from 20 to 25 years of age. Followed by the 25 to 29 year olds, and the last group being the teenagers from 15 to 19 years. When people perceive abortion for what it really is - the violent destruction of a human life - it will no longer seem like a valid or humane 'choice' Every baby is defenceless and needs protecting. The rights of the unborn child are at least equal to those of the mother - if they don't exceed them. It is a democratic world in which we cannot make the choices for some people, all we can do is hope that those people can and will make the right choice. ...read more.

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