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Abortion - The dictionary defines life to be an interval of time between life and death in which time something exists and functions.

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Abortion The dictionary defines life to be an interval of time between life and death in which time something exists and functions. Christians believe that life is a gift from God and that we have been created in the image and likeness of him, they believe that all life is sacred, even the baby in the womb. An abortion can be defined as the premature expulsion of a foetus from the womb or the termination of a pregnancy done by operation or medicine. The foetus is usually removed before 24 weeks of pregnancy. Abortion affects life because it takes life away and destroys it. Christians believe that life is to be ended only when God decides, they believe that no-one under any circumstances can claim for herself the right to destroy an innocent human life. Jeremiah 1:5 says 'Before you were formed in the body of your mother I had knowledge of you, and before your birth I made you holy.' This tells us that every human life is unique and that we are killing a person by aborting it, it also tells us that it is not our life to take. Genesis 1:27 dictates to us that God made man in his own image telling us that we don't have the right to take life away. In Psalm 139 we are told that God knitted us together and he saw us even before we were formed. ...read more.


and opt for euthanasia when in their hearts they want to continue living * Many people recover after being 'written-off' * A patient may not be able to make a rational decision * There are many pain-killing drugs which can help them die naturally with dignity * Life is sacred and only God can make decisions over death * Anyone who helps a person to die is an accessory to murder * It may be regarded as suicide The Roman Catholic Church believe that 'thou shall not kill' however it accepts that it is right to ease the suffering of terminally ill patients, often knowing that the side effects of powerful drugs may well speed up the death of the patients. This is considered natural because it is a side effect. The Church of England believes that the rights of human beings are to be valued. They believe that a person has the right to refuse treatment but he or she doesn't have the right to die at the time of his or her choosing. Euthanasia is not mentioned in the Bible but Christians can be guided by a number of passages. In Job 1:21 Jesus says 'Naked I came from my mothers womb and naked I shall return there; the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away.' This teaches us that God gave us life and that only he can take it away from us. ...read more.


Some might relate to Christians for a free choice who believe that the right decision can come through prayer. At times the right decision may be abortion, particularly in hard cases. The first recorded hospices were founded in the Middle Ages by Christian Knights who cared for those badly injured in the Crusades. Monks and Nuns also looked after the sick in Abbeys. They grew herbs and flowers in the monastery gardens to make into medicines and potions. Recently modern historians have made up these potions, medicines and ointments, and found many to be very effective. Homeopathic and herbal, natural or family remedies which are passed down through families are used, many are available over the counter or through doctors. Many hospitals now have pain relief clinics with the latest ways of reducing pain, new pain killers are less addictive and have fewer side effects and are more efficient. Many Christians now will take pain killers or pain relief drugs although some are against the use of any pain relieving methods because Jesus did suffer when he died on the cross. Hospices are hospitals for the terminally ill, run on a personal basis with expert care for people. St. Luke's Hospice was founded by Christians and many believe that people who go there are treated with dignity before they die. Fears about death are discussed with the patients and their relatives and friends. Some hospices such as Zo�'s Place are set up especially for children. Many people find inner peace and tranquillity before they die. Whatever your Christian allegiance or religion, nobody is turned away. 1 ...read more.

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