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According to Mark, what did Jesus teach about the demands of being his disciple?

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RS Course Work - Discipleship a) According to Mark, what did Jesus teach about the demands of being his disciple? A disciple is someone who believes in and helps spread the teachings of another. Mark shows that being a disciple of Jesus meant being able to drop everything and follow Jesus, as we saw when the disciples were chosen. When he saw Simon and Andrew, "Jesus said to them 'come with me and I will teach you to catch men'. At once they left their nets and went with him". We see this again in Chp. 1, "they left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired men and went with Jesus." ...read more.


Here Mark is showing that Jesus is teaching that Discipleship comes before everything else, including your own life. When Jesus is talking about carrying the cross, he is saying that another demand of discipleship means you may be called upon to endure suffering or death. This theme of suffering is shown also in Chp. 10 when Jesus asks James and John, "Can you drink the cup of suffering I must drink?" James and John do not appear to fully understand the horrendous suffering they would eventually endure as a result of being a disciple, ending in the same fate as Jesus. Jesus knew that as his disciple, the terrible suffering they would have to go through in the future. ...read more.


The demands of being a disciple are not easy to follow, and while the twelve disciples struggled to meet them, Mark talks about the difficulties disciples can face. "When the man heard this, gloom spread over his face, and he went away sad because he was very rich". But Mark also shows how Jesus teaches that those who do meet these demands are meet the sacrifices, will be rewarded. "Anyone who leaves home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for me and the gospel will receive much more in the present age." Mark is showing how Jesus' disciples have to endure suffering and sacrifice and the demands of being a disciple in this life, in order to be able to enter the Kingdom of God and receive eternal happiness in the next life. ?? ?? ?? ?? Gemma Sykes 11.8 ...read more.

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