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According to mark why did various different groups want Jesus dead?

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To enable the question 'According to mark why did various different groups want Jesus dead' to be answered comprehensively, it is important that every aspect of Jesus' life is looked upon in whole. Starting with his aim and actions on earth to his death. Jesus was placed upon this earth to save people from their sins and to spread the word of God. God felt it would be compliant if people could identify and relate with him, as a result he sent Jesus. Jesus understood that he would endure inhumane suffering and pain but he continued his assignment regardless. The Sadducees, Zealots and Pharisees were the three dominant Jewish groups at the time. All three acted for what they believed was best for themselves and the Jewish population. There actions varied the majority of the epoch but they were all united in their abhor for Jesus Christ. Jesus was an indubitable contrast to how people believed him to be. Many believed he would be a powerful almighty being who would relieve them from their oppression. Therefore it was a big shock when the Jewish population observed Jesus someone who appeared to be a feeble civilian, who claimed he was the Son of God. ...read more.


The Jewish leaders wanted to gain power and authority over their people not to loose it and with Jesus around the future looked unpredictable. It could only be a matter of time before the prevalent peoples of the society ensured Jesus had a fatal downfall. The calculated plan commenced with Jesus' unjustifiable arrest. Which as planned lead to a trial where Jesus would be dammed by whatever means necessary. The trial was very unjust for a number of reasons. Jesus was arrested in Gethesmane during his prayer. It was during the night and Jesus was defenceless and vulnerable. A law had already been broken because Jesus was arrested at night by group of rowdy, aggressive, mercilessly soldiers. The law boldly stated ' No trial to be held at night or on the eve of a feast.' Jesus was brought before the council otherwise known as the Sanhedrin. It constituted around seventy people. It was composed of elders of priestly families, teachers. The Sandherin were desperate to condemn Jesus of some commodity. The Sanhedrin allowed many witnesses with ridiculous or exaggerated truths to testify. An example of these fabrications was told by a group of men. They claim they heard Jesus boast, ' I will tear down this temple which men have made, and I will build one that is not made by man.' ...read more.


By the act of washing his hands he felt he was washing Jesus' blood of his conscience. The actions of pilot had a huge impact for Jesus future on earth. Jesus was later crucified. Jesus was crucified and nailed to the crossbeam he then suffocated to death. Just before his death Jesus uttered 'Eli, Eli, Lema Sabacthani' which translates to 'My God my God why have you forsaken me.' With that the curtain hanging in the temple were torn in two from top to bottom. And strange weather occurred. The God that was hidden is now revealed. The death of Jesus ends where the gospel began with a clear statement that Jesus is the Son of God. I believe the answer to the question 'According to mark why did various groups want Jesus dead' is because they had to fulfil the prophecy. Jesus had to undergo hardship and hostility. The various groups in society that wanted him dead may have been placed there, in various shapes and forms by fate. There is a possibility that if the events leading to Jesus death had not transpired as they had, Jesus may not have been able to save us from our sins and therefore not been able to be seated at the right hand side 'Of The Father.' ...read more.

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