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After the Second

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After the Second World War, a great number of people faced massive destruction of their homes in major towns and cities all over Europe. After 1945, the cold war began between communist Eastern Europe, and capitalist countries of Western Europe and USA. Many people did not want to live under harsh regimes; therefore, they became refugees and fled to the west. The largest numbers of refugees to settle in England were Polish. After the War came to halt, Britain needed help to rebuild and the only way they could do this by gathering people to come and help them. This was a major economic problem, which needed to be sorted. A loss of men made the country short of labourers; posters were put up all over the common wealth including countries like India and the Caribbean. Such slogans as 'Come to your mother country' was used; over a quarter of the worlds population at that time had a free right to be in this small island known as Britain. ...read more.


These areas also had very poor housing. Peter Rachman only offered crumbling houses infested by rats and surrounded by rubbish. The black people also experienced the same discriminations at work. People who had qualifications in medicine and law ended up working low status jobs because of discrimination. During 1960s and 1970s there was in increase in racial discrimination, and organisations. The Conservative was one of which. However there were other parties that disagreed with racial hatred, the labour party was one. Enoch Powell had been a conservative minister of health from 1960 to 1963. He encouraged black nurses to come to Britain to solve the labour shortage in the national health. However, from the mid sixties Powell began to make speeches to stop immigration. Powell began to shed his skin and show his true colours. He used exaggerated, dramatic language to conjure up disturbing images of the possible consequences of immigration. One of Powell's most powerful and influential speeches was the River Tiber speech. He comments on how immigration keeps on causing problems, and says if it carries on he will see the River Tibre, in other words there will be more disturbances and trouble brewing ahead. ...read more.


The witnesses did not speak up because they were not sure who the murderers were, and they were probably scared that if they told of them they would be killed. The police withdrew the investigation because they believed they did not have any real evidence, even thou they withdrew Brooks statement. The police did not investigate the case clearly at all. Tactlessly > Dwayne Brooks was treated bad and with no respect. > The parents of Stephen were treated thoughtlessly and tactlessly. They were patronised, insulted and not kept informed about what was going on. > Police failed to give Stephen first aid at the time. > Arrests of suspects and house searches were delayed until 7 may for no good reason at all. So many errors the report concluded which could not be explained by incompetence alone but by racism as well. In other words if the victim had been white, and the suspect's black, the police would have behaved in a very different manner. Conclusion In conclusion Immigrants mostly flied there country of origin in search of a better life. The Jews migrated to escape persecution in Eastern Europe, thinking they will have a safe good life. ...read more.

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