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Against Euthanasia

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Euthanasia Essay Introduction In this essay I am going to try and find out whether Euthanasia is right or wrong, and if it should be legalised or not. I will go about this by looking at all aspects of the argument, I will look at real life stories, the emotional, religious, ethical, laws, medical and the financial aspects of the argument. Then at the end of the essay I will give my own opinion. Euthanasia, is the practice of ending a person's life to release someone from an incurable illness or if the person is in intolerable pain. This can only be done if it is the persons will (if they are over the age of 18,) or if the person has a living will, which was written before they became ill, or are in coma. But even then, Doctors go against the will of the person and do what they believe to be right. If the person is under the age of 18 then the doctors decide how they should treat them, and if they are in a coma there is no chance of them surviving, then the parents or guardians of the person can decide if they want them to stay alive or to switch the machines off. There are different types of Euthanasia, two of these types are Passive Euthanasia, which is when nothing is done to prevent death e.g. when Doctors don't use an artificial respirator to keep alive someone terminally ill. ...read more.


If a person in Britain commits Euthanasia to help someone then they will almost definitely be taken to court and usually sent to prison, and convicted if attempted murder or manslaughter. There are many examples of people that were just helping a friend or relative to die painlessly, that got sent on probation or to prison, sometimes for many years. One example of this is when Phillipa Moners helped her mother to die as she was disabled and in a wheel chair and in great pain. Her mother had been asking Phillipa to help her, and Phillipa could see she was in pain. Phillipa was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to two years in probation. Tony cobhert is in prison serving a life sentence in jail for helping his wife to die because she was ill and in a wheel chair. The professional health care service plays a big role in why Euthanasia is illegal. Most Doctors are against Euthanasia and will not help any one to die and would prefer to give them medication to help them get better, or just keep them alive. Lots of doctors think that people should be kept alive just in case there is any hope of them recovering. If doctors ever decided to give a patient drugs that they knew could help them to die, and they also knew that the patient was in pain, ill and wanted to die, then the doctor could also be sent to jail. ...read more.


This could mean that (especially if the person does not want to be alive,) the money is being spent on something that is not appreciated by the person receiving the treatment, that it would be more cost effective to use on a hip operation that may improve the life of somebody that needs (for instance,) a new hip. My own opinion I think that Euthanasia should be legalised. My reason for thinking this is because I think it would end a lot of pain and suffering, for both the ill person and relatives and friends of the ill person. If the Queen or somebody very important were extremely ill and in a lot of pain then she would be treated as she wished. Also if somebody is ill and they go ahead with treatment and go through a lot of pain even though they did not want to, but they had to, and they died after they had gone through with it all when they could have died quickly, painlessly and happier. If Someone in my family was terminally ill I would not like to see them suffer or be in great pain, I would want somebody to help them and take the pain away, and I think that everybody would feel the same way. Also I do not think that it is right to against somebody's wishes especially if they have a living will, and Doctors should do what the patient would have wanted and not what the doctor believes even if they are just doing their job. So I believe that Euthanasia should be legalised. ...read more.

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