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All Christians believe that they have a responsibility for other people, no matter who they are, if they are a different race, religion, or even if you show hatred towards them.

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RS Coursework All Christians believe that they have a responsibility for other people, no matter who they are, if they are a different race, religion, or even if you show hatred towards them. In the bible it tells you to 'love thy neighbour�. Everyone is our neighbour and we should show love towards them. It should not matter whether they return the respect or show the same feelings, because in the Bible it also says that you should 'Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you� , all Christians get their views from the Bible thus they should follow Gods and Jesus' love for everyone, also the Bible is the inspired word of God, and from the Bible we can see that God showed agape love to all of his followers, no matter what race, and Christians are meant to follow Gods example, so Christians are meant to relate the bible teachings to their everyday lives, the bible is their source of authority. If someone is in need of help they should break the barrier and help them no matter whom they are, after all Jesus taught that God's kingdom was open to everybody, it did not matter what race or religion they were. Christians often try to have Agape, agape means that you should treat others as you would treat yourself, agape is about caring for other people and loving them. ...read more.


Or to have an unfair opinion about a person or a group just because they are different to yourself, whereas prejudice is an unfair though about someone, discrimination is the thought of prejudice however that is put into action, or in terms or verbal or physical abuse . A good example of this would be Hitler, he was prejudice against the jews, but he put that Prejudice thought into action and made it discriminative by killing the Jews which is wrong, it clearly states in the bible that discrimination and prejudice is wrong and it goes against all teachings of the Christian Faith. Many Christians have their own opinions on how they should react to prejudice and discrimination Violent and non-violent. There are a number of well-known Christian pacifists, such as Martin Luther King, Desmond Tutu and Trevor Huddleston. But one of the most Famous has to be Martin Luther King, he was very motivated for his cause and did many things in order to get his achievement without resorting to violence. Martin Luther King was an American Baptist Minister. In the Southern states of America in the 1950�s and 1960�s discrimination and prejudice against black people was very common indeed. Many blacks did not have the right to vote and certain public places were said to be for "whites only" Martin Luther King was a Christian who campaigned endlessly for equal treatments of blacks and whites. ...read more.


America so he in his hatred of America he turned the prejudice into discrimination and crashed two planes in the twin towers of Manhattan, causing one of Americas landmarks to crash down killing thousands of people. Christians should see that prejudice is wrong and leads to suffering. However prejudice and discrimination are not the greatest sins in the world, they go on a lot in the world but some are not on such a major scale. Other evils in the world can be just as bad, examples of these are nuclear weapons and war, many people have been killed because of these, or murder, rape and starvation. In the world there is plenty of these evils but many of us do nothing to stop these, even some Christians don't, but does that make us prejudice? Or even discriminative? Maybe all of these evils can be linked with prejudice and discrimination, as maybe if you hated someone you might kill someone, or in the example of war, you don't like one country so you declare war. Therefore I conclude that I believe Prejudice and Discrimination are the greatest sins of all, many evil things can result in these two words, such as some of the things I mentioned above (murder, rape, war) these can be triggered by prejudice thoughts and then lead onto discrimination which is (murder, rape and war. By Claire Nolan ...read more.

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