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'All Worship is a waste of time because people cannot be sure that God exists.'

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There are many beliefs that God exists and some that he doesn't. People disagree that he does exist and they believe this because if he didn't exist, why were so many temptations or events 'Not a sin' , however natural disasters occur so people assume that if God is there he would do something about it. When people try to tell those who assume different they tell them. . . "It's not his place to interfere with the earth and the people on it! Everything has a cause or a reason to do so!" People who do not believe in God obviously have no need to worship so they just go acting as perusal, however religious people worship because they believe that if they believe in God he will send them to Heaven making sure that they avoid Hell. ...read more.


It would also mention that if anyone was to worship an idol that would be just as bad. It would make sure that everyone knew worship is important and that if they followed this way of worshiping, this would ensure they would go to heaven and not hell. Christianity is very different to any other form of worshiping but is also one of the simplest forms of worship because it is just simple praying, singing and reading from the Bible. However the 'Holy communion' is like most other religions main worship. Being brought up in a very religious family may be the cause of making certain people believe that God does exist and that he is watching everybody's good and bad movements. ...read more.


His theory is known throughout the world but as I mentioned above, everybody has their own view on life and there own view on the way they would like to go about it; People believe that in some cases God can help them lead a better life and that if they do well, they will be able to go to heaven in peace for the rest of their after life. However if they proceed to make mistakes on purpose throughout their life they will be punished. The people who don't believe this are called Atheists! In my opinion, it doesn't matter what religion you belong to or whether it's none at all, what matters is if you lead and enjoy a healthy life. By Sarah Rayner 10SH (Of the Hedley Walter High School) ...read more.

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