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Am going to be explaining and exploring the three different theories 1. The Big Bang2. Evolution3. The Genesis Creation StoryI will be looking at the differences and the similarities whilst trying to answer the questions

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R.E Coursework - Genesis v Big Bang and Evolution Maryam Jan 10SAS Introduction In my essay, I am going to be explaining and exploring the three different theories 1. The Big Bang 2. Evolution 3. The Genesis Creation Story I will be looking at the differences and the similarities whilst trying to answer the questions posed by society today. I will be including the theories of some scientists including Charles Darwin, and William Payley. My aim of this essay will be to try to come to a conclusion if not to find an answer on this entire subject of Creation. As we live in a questioning society about god and Creation there has been many theories about the existence of God and how the universe has been created. Below I am going to be explaining the three different theories and looking at the practicality of them to see whether they are or they aren't believable and what most people today take to be the truth. THE BIG BANG - According to scientists the universe was created about fifteen billion years ago. At this point all matter was compressed into one tiny point. Then all of a sudden there was a big bang which was basically a filling of the space with all the particles rushing away from each other. ...read more.


On the fifth day god created great numbers of bird and sea creatures. On the sixth day he created land animals. Then man and then from a man he created a women. Then on the seventh day God rested. These are the theories I will be looking at by comparing the practicality and belief in them. Also I will be looking at proof and evidence at this plays a major role in our life. The Big Bang is a scientific theory which is probably the most believable one. This is because of the continuous amounts of proof which are being shown to us time and time again. One of the main reasons why so many people believe in this theory is because of the continuous expanding of the universe. Another reason is because of the cosmic microwave background radiation. The background radiation is the leftover of an early hot universe. Not only is the scientific proof convincing but it is also the logical thought of this theory which makes it a very popular theory and this supports the fact of why majority people believe in the Big Bang. Saying this though poses another question for scientists and all the other people out there, that if there was a Big Bang who caused it and why did it happen? ...read more.


Darwin was out one day and he saw a bird. It was pecking something from the ground and Darwin could see its beak extending forwards and then backwards again. This is what Darwin based his theory on. What is not understandable however is that there is one vital difference between birds, apes, monkeys and all other kind of animals and that is the fact that we use intelligence over instinct whilst they do the complete opposite. We have brains which we can think with and they can which is why we are considered the highest of any species. Apart from this evidence there is no solid proof (unlike the Big Bang) to say that evolution does exist or that it did happen. If I was to go into battle and you told me to pick the fittest soldiers or the cleverest, I would definitely pick brain over matter. Throughout this essay, I have spoken of many theories on creation and the existence of God. Personally I do not believe in the Genesis theory and evolution. There is too little proof to believe in any of them two theories. I do however believe in the Big Bang because I think it makes sense and it has enough evidence to stand up on its own. So my conclusion...? Get on with your own life and let the scientists do their work. ...read more.

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