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American History X: Tony Kaye

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Andrea Burdman April 10, 2003 Film journal American History X: Tony Kaye Racism is a word we hear everyday. We cannot turn on the television, read the newspaper or even engage in a day to day conversation without hearing the word and the actions that proceed it. ...read more.


The film emphasizes that actions have consequences, and that achieving liberation is not so easy. The price for a change of direction can be, and often is, brutal. The final sequence in the film is shocking not because it's unexpected, but because it illustrates this truth. ...read more.


colorful twenty four hour period after he is released from jail and the relationship of two brothers that is completely opposite of what it used to be. This variation of black and white and color shots is a very powerful and effective system as it makes the viewer more emotional and really emphasizes the message. ...read more.

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