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An analysis of a charity advert - St Mungo's.

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AN ANALYSIS OF A CHARITY ADVERT The charity that I'm going to be looking at is "St Mungo's", the charity is there to help the less unfortunate that do not have homes an try to help them get back on there feet again. As you look at this advert the first thing that you notices is the division of the photo which has a girl seating on steps and the text, which is arranged in to 8 paragraphs and the coupon that is at the bottom of the text. The first and the last part of the text are written in bold to stand out. Also at the top of the photo you have a heading which says "On the first day of Christmas her true love gave her.... The boot". The main purpose for this advert is to acquire a great deal of sympathy for those that are unable to help themselves. ...read more.


The charity has changed it around to make the reader imagine how can people that love you let you end up in such away. By saying 'on the first day off Christmas her true love gave her the boot.' The effect that the heading has on the reader is that it makes you gain a lot of sympathy for homeless people, and it also draws you in to help them because of what they are going through. By reading the heading and looking at the picture makes the reader do what the charity wants you to do, than that is to give money to their charity so they can continue with helping the homeless. This is also done by the use of emotive language such as 'true love', when you hear this it makes you think of good things that happens in life. ...read more.


The reason why this has this type of effect is that this is what concludes up the whole of the advert, it is giving you a chance for you to change lives. Also within the text you can see that they use triple emphasis, this stress how much people are surfing, you can see this when it says 'strained, strife and stress'. The use of alliteration gives the reader a greater effect, which will make the reader react more emotionally and feel guilty to which will make them send money to the charity. To conclude my analysis, I feel that this advert is very successful in what they set out to do and that was to for the reader to gain awareness of homeless people and to also help to support the charity by giving money to them. They used many techniques to put forward what they have to say to gain the sympathy of the reader. ...read more.

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