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An embryo is a person and has the right to live? Discuss

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?An embryo is a person and has the right to life? A Roman Catholic would agree with this statement. Firstly, they are followers of Natural law and divine command ethics. As such, they relate to the teachings in the bible that relate to the sanctity of life, and therefore they believe an embryo is a person from the moment of conception. Roman Catholic law teaches that a foetus is a human being. Secondly, Natural law is based upon God?s purpose for his creation, and Natural Law places the protection of life and species above all others. Finally, they believe that life is holy and belongs to God, and thus only god can take it away, and life and personhood begins at conception. All persons have a natural right to life, and the mother and foetus have equal rights. "human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. ...read more.


This is consistent with his general ethical theory. Singer argues that it is impossible to find precisely when human life begins, as human development is a gradual process, not something that happens in one instance. ?The argument that a fetus is not alive is a resort to a convenient fiction that turns an evidently living being into one that legally is not alive. Instead of accepting such fictions, we should recognise that the fact that a being is human, and alive, does not in itself tell us whether it is wrong to take that being's life?. Singer states that the argument should compare the preference of a woman vs the preference of the foetus (if the foetus was able to have preferences, which Singer doesn?t believe, this is just how he attacks the anti-abortion argument back). In Singers view, preference is all forms of benefit or harm one may wish to obtain or avoid. ...read more.


neither agree nor disagree, but I believe that it is based and should be argued on a general case by case basis. I argue that the sufficient condition for personhood and the right to life is at 24 weeks, when the foetus can experience pain and pleasure. Therefore I disagree with the Catholics who believe that life starts at 0 weeks, or Singer who states that it can be up to one year after birth. I believe that the mother has more rights than the foetus, and therefore if the mother has a valid reason for abortion, she should be able to abort whenever she likes, even after the 24th week if she so wishes, as her needs are greater than the foetus. To conclude, I believe that there is no absolute law or ruling on this statement, as it comes down to the needs of the mother, her own personal beliefs, personal life, and what she wishes, as the needs of the mother outweigh that of the foetus. ...read more.

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