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An Essay on Crime, what Capital Punishment is, my own view and also the Christian View.

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Capital Punishment Coursework An Essay on Crime, what Capital Punishment is, my own view and also the Christian View. Crime is a social act that offends the laws of society. This can range from stealing a bar of chocolate from a shop to murder. All crimes can be divided into 2 groups- against people (e.g. vandalism, theft) and against people (e.g. assault, murder, rape). There are lots of causes for people carrying out crime, whether it be because they are so poor they commit robberies to survive or because they are mentally unstable and do not realize the difference between right and wrong. Nowadays drugs are a major factor in creating crime. Drug addicts obviously need drugs to keep themselves on a "normal level". So to keep them on that level, they need money to buy drugs. The only way they can get the money (if they have run out of their own money) is by stealing and committing money making crimes. Crime is also created because of pier pressure. Some gangs think its hard and good fun to go around beating people up and graffiting. Other sorts of people get a thrill out of vandalism and other crimes. Some people do it for revenge, for things which have been done against them previously. For a lot of people that do commit crime, it gives them a sense of power and makes them feel good. ...read more.


In simple terms what you do wrong should be done back to you. E.g. if you kill someone, you should be killed also. This view can be backed up in the bible in the book of Leviticus chapter 24:17-20. It says: "If the person strikes another and kills him, he must be put to death. Whoever strikes an animal and kills it is to make restitution, life for life. If anyone injures and disfigures a fellow countryman it must be done to him as he has done- Fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth." This isn't necessarily true as in some peoples eyes capital punishment should be for a fitting crime like in the punishment of Achan (Joshua 7:20-26). In this story it tells of how Achan stole 2 kg of silver, 1/2 kg of gold and a beautiful Babylonian cloak. Achan confessed and Joshua and the Israelites took him and all of his family and possessions to trouble valley where they were stoned to death and burnt his possessions. Once this was done the lord was no longer furious. This shows that God allows and supports the death penalty. It proves that it should be allowed and be brought back as a punishment or to simply protect society. In 1975 the British government ruled that only certain types of crime were punishable by the gallows. ...read more.


If someone commits a crime then we should try and forgive them and punish them accordingly. Lots of different people have lots of different views on capital punishment. Some people believe that if it were in today's society it would act as a deterrent. But then people against the cause would say that there is no substantial proof to back this up. It could be used as a deterrent but would it work? Other people would say that instead of trying to rid them of society forever we should reform them and help them so they can help society. That point could also be argued, as you cannot necessarily guarantee the reformation of every criminal. Some might be mentally unstable and there would be no way in which you could help them immediately. I believe that capital punishment should be brought back but only used in certain cases like the Pope said in his statement: " Execution should only be used in cases of absolute necessity, and when society is put danger and would not be able to defend itself otherwise". This is the view I have and I also believe that 'life imprisonment' should mean life imprisonment, not just 25-30 years. This should be used more than the death penalty, as it is a fairer punishment, which also allows reformation to take place as well as retribution and protection. I believe as it has already been proved that neither punishment works as a deterrent, they should be punished for the first three reasons. I believe deterrence does not work. ...read more.

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