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An evaluation of Theatre Alibi's production of The Freeze.

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An evaluation of Theatre Alibi's production of The Freeze. Theatre Alibi's play 'The Freeze' does not really focus on the weather situation, but uses pathetic fallacy to show two people experiencing the turmoil of change, while the snowy world the story is set in serves to reflect this emotional turmoil. There are only three actors in 'The Freeze' however each person plays more than one part and -unlike in conventional plays- the actor will change parts while on stage, this might be shown by taking off a jacket or put/taking of a priests collar or even a change in height. There are two main characters in 'The Freeze'- Sarah & Mark, in the beginning of the play we find out that they are expecting a baby together, Sarah wants it but seems unsure & Mark doesn't want it, we don't why he just doesn't. There are several other minor characters who are used to show connections to past or to give information. There also a narrator who is present in may scenes however the characters do not react to him even if he is standing right in there face, sometimes the narrator is used to show what is going on in someone's head or to explain what is being mimed, the narrator might even become part of the stage, for example ...read more.


Lawrence is very protective over his brother, but at the same time aggressive, like after Lawrence has come downstairs he roughly pushes Mark out the way, before drag him out of the house away from their Step-Dad. When they are playing Lawrence is easily excited and talks with a high pitch voice, he plays with Mark, despite the age gap. Mark seem unable to deal with any of his problems, he never moved on from his childhood when he grew up, if fact he never seemed to had grown up inside at all. When his brother died he had no one left to follow and he is still the little boy standing outside of the church holding an empty pram. When he is talking to Sarah at the beginning his past comes rushing back at him and he becomes very confused and almost 'drunk' in reaction. Sarah tries to hug him, but as he has never had any motherly love from anyone he doesn't react to this at all. Sarah is a strong and caring character, we can tell that she would make a very good mother, but she is unsure of this herself. This is shown in the hairdresser's scene when she gets upset about not knowing what to call the baby and feels that naming the baby is her job ...read more.


Although many costume changes, as they are so small, happen on stage. Also running around the back of the stage is used to show time or distance. Also there were no scene changes, the actors would sometimes change their role and the time setting while standing on stage, props would change there meaning while on stage. The lighting was used very effectively to represent fire and water, along with the use of sound. The hairdressers, church and many of the brothers' scenes together were done in yellow to show a happy and safe environment. The bar scene was done primarily in red to show anger and danger, whereas the narrator was always shown in a cool blue light to show indifference and separation from the play. The colour blue was also used to show the cold outside. Also sound was used for showing wind and for providing extra information via the radio which was done using mime. Sound was also used in symbolisms, for example in the first scene they are a bar with loud noises and distractions-which make it hard to communicate- which reflected the inner struggle Sarah and Mark were experiencing when trying to talk to each other. Also the quiet safety of the church reflected the loud danger of the fire and bomb. Drama Evaluation Essay Eva Blake 11W 1/4 Word Count- ...read more.

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