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An Examination of the different ways in which the Universe was said to have begun.

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An Examination of the different ways in which the Universe was said to have begun. This essay is about the many different arguements and view points about the origins of the universe. The main three discussions will be based on Christian Genesis, Aborigine creation and the Big Bang theory. I will also be discussing the story of the Plains Indians and their beliefs of how the universe beagn. The Christian Genesis story is believed by most christians. They believe that in the beginning nothing existed but God. On the first day God suposedly made day and night. Then on the second day God made the heavens and the Earth. On the third day God created trees and plants on Earth. On the forth day God created the sun, moon and stars. On the fith day God created water and air creatures. On the sixth day God created Earth creatures and Man and Woman. God was pleased with what he had created so on the seventh day he rested. ...read more.


The idea of continuous evolution in the living world can be traced back as far as Lucretius in the 1st century B C, but it did not gain wide acceptance until the 19th century, following the work of scottish geologist Charles Lyell, French naturalist Jean Baptiste Lanarck, English naturalist Charles Darwin and English biologist Thomas Henry Huxley. Darwin assigned the major role in evoluionary change to natural selection acting on randomly occuring variations. Natural selection occurs because those individuals better adapted to their perticular environments reproduce more effectivly, this contributes to their characteristics to the future generations. The current theory of evolution called neo-Darwinism, combines Darwins theory with austrian biologist Gregor Mendel's theories on genetics and Hugo de Vries' discovery of genetic mutation. It is now clear that evolutionary change does not always occur at a constant rate, but that the process can have long periods of relative stability interspersed with periods of rapid change. ...read more.


They met strange creatures and fought many battles, each time something happened the land would change shape. The sun, moon and stars came to be in the dreamtime. One day an emu ancestor and eagle ancestor were fighting and the eagle took one of the emu's eggs and threw it into the air. Soaring up it burst into flamesand Baiame fed the flames with wood so the sun was made. The dreamtime ancestors taught their groups how to perform secret ceremonies then the ancestors sank back into the earth or rose into the sky.' I do not agree with this tale. I feel that it is some kinf of imaginary vision in which the creator does not know what happens ut just thinks that it went a little like this. Many different religions have different arguments and viewpoints as to how the universe began. there are many to choose from but as there is not much proof on any of them if so, WE can only have our own opinions based on what we believe. Laura Hill 9A ...read more.

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