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An Infant Baptismal service

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R.E. Coursework Baptism My family and I are members of a Presbyterian Church. Nearly all of the baptism services that I have witnessed have been infant baptisms. An Infant Baptismal service This part of the service (in my church) usually occurs just before the children's address. The children don't leave for Sunday school, until after the baptism has been carried out. The minister welcomes the parents and their family to the church. Usually all of the baby's relatives would come to this service, and they have the front few rows reserved for them. The relatives being present is important, as the family is taking vows on behalf of the baby, about the family-thus being the family of the church, or the world wide family of Christians. The minister explains the importance, meaning and the significance of this sacrament: - "This is a sign of god's promises towards those who trust in him. Through baptism a person becomes a member of the church. Baptism is a sign of God's love and special relationship with the church in the New Testament". ...read more.


On his return to the front, he gives the baby back to the parents, and minister says prayers. In this type of baptism, the parents agree to bring the child up in a Christian environment, and make many vows on behalf of the baby. They also have to make statements of their own faith. The congregation is reminded to set good examples for the child, and provide as much support as they can. The minister is an official representative of God, and after his training, he or she is licensed to confirm vows. Part B - Symbols and Vows The symbols used in infant and adult baptism Both use water. The symbol water is used because it is vital to our lives; it gives us life, and cleanses us. In a believer's baptism, the person publicly states, and confirms their faith to God, and promises to turn from their old lifestyles and repent their sins, to turn to god. The person walks into water at one side, to show the ending of their old lifestyle. ...read more.


Just because most other people are having their babies' baptised does not mean that you have to. People, who do that, are getting their children baptised for all the wrong reasons. If you do strongly feel that you want your child to grow up as a Christian, then I would urge you to baptise him. If you are prepared to provide him with a Christian upbringing, then by all means go for it! I do feel that you should give the child a chance to make up his own mind, and by that I mean, if you baptise him now, then he can make up his own mind, and if he wishes take the believer's baptism when he is old enough to understand. The final piece of advice I will offer you is to consult the minister of your local church. Sa he or she will be able to explain fully the meaning of baptism and will help you make up your mind. Nice to hear from you, hope that my advice has been of use to you. And if you do decide to go through with baptism, I would hope to receive an invitation! Yours sincerely Stuart ...read more.

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