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analyse and explain the role and function of the mosque in the Muslim community

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Aiii) analyse and explain the role and function of the mosque in the Muslim community Mosques around the world serve many functions for Muslim communities due to it being the ideal place for worship. The Madrassah (school) inside the mosque enables youths to learn in Arabic the holy Quraan. However some mosques teach other foreign languages such as German, French or Urdu. There are after school clubs which benefits those who are having difficulties with school work. The clubs have well educated adults to provide help to people to complete work set such as coursework, essays etc. this is relatively good for those who have incoming exams. Mosques usually contain libraries again giving the helping hand to the young but older people too, as they contain varieties of hadiths about the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and special prayers. ...read more.


This is done really five times daily, although some people pray more. PTB) "You do not need to go to mosque to be a good Muslim" The statement is complying that a Muslim is not bad for not attending the mosque. The purpose of the mosque is to allow a clean prayer place whereby Muslims can worship. In my opinion a good Muslim is that person who abides by the five pillars of Islam all his life and has to the true intention to do so within his heart. The reason being is the fact that Allah laid down five compulsory rules and if these rules are followed then that Muslim is good. On the other hand a bad Muslim is that person who prays five times daily, reads the Quraan but does something which is forbidden i.e. ...read more.


as an important business meeting which had to go through or else, forcing that Muslim to pray somewhere apart from the mosque. Some people might disagree with me suggesting that the statement is strictly wrong as they might believe that the Muslim can just quit his job easily and find another job suitable for enabling prayer at the mosque during prayer times. Whereas another person might say that the statement has to be absolutely right due to the fact that, it depends on if the Muslim follows the five pillars also abides by rules then not going to the mosque to pray does not make the person a bad Muslim. Too come to a firm conclusion different people have diverse opinions and beliefs on what a good Muslim is. However all Muslims do share the idea that a Muslim is unquestionably good if he follows the correct path in the way of Allah in the best way possible. ...read more.

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