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Analyse and explain the way in which a religious or moral issue has been dealt with in a television soap opera OR the national daily press

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Analyse and explain the way in which a religious or moral issue has been dealt with in a television soap opera OR the national daily press I am going to analyze the issue of illegal asylum seekers from an episode of Eastenders. Within this episode, Dot, who is an obvious Christian, meet up with her friend's son who has decided to stop being a vicar. She disagrees with this action and states her opinion. He says that religion was forced upon him as a child and that dot has done the same to her son, Nick. However, Nick was rebellious and ended up in prison. ...read more.


This shows the different views of religion from both Jim and Dot. After finding a leaflet in the bag with the baby, Dot forces Jim to attend a 'Gentleman's Club' because it may be a clue as to where to find the baby's mother. Jim goes obeys Dot's commands and goes to the club. There he gets charged for a drink which he didn't have the money for and the bouncer throws him out. Before the bounces leaves, Jim asks about the baby's mother. The Bouncer tells Jim that she left a long time ago and to 'stay away from people like that'. ...read more.


This results in Jim calling the Immigration services for Anya to be taken away. However, it does not go to plan. Dot takes Anya and her son, Tomas, to safety in a Church for sanctuary. They eventually get found. As Dot tries explaining the situation, claiming from the Bible and using Jesus' path as an example of what she was doing to protect Anya and Tomas, she gets called a 'religious nut'. Within this episode of Eastenders, both a religious view and a non-religious view are displayed from Dot and Jim. Overall, the non-religious view wins. This leads to Anya being taken away by immigration services. This could show that religious views aren't always the right things to do. ...read more.

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