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Analyse and explain the way in which a religious theme of concern to Christians has been dealt with in a film or television answer.

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R.E Coursework Question 3: Analyse and explain the way in which a religious theme of concern to Christians has been dealt with in a film or television answer. (4 Marks) For my coursework I have studied 'If these walls could talk'. It is a set of three films all based around a house which the people living in it all have an experience with abortion. Each film is set in a different time period. The first story is set in 1952 when it was illegal to have an abortion and was also a very religious time. The woman in the story is a pregnant nurse. She doesn't want to have the baby, as the pregnancy was a mistake so she asks around for a doctor who can perform abortions. She finds that doctors with clean clinics cost �2000 for an abortion. ...read more.


The film begins with a man giving a woman money and he states that he's leaving her. The woman lives in the house with a friend. The woman wants an abortion. Her friend is strongly against abortion and threatens to leave if she has one. The woman goes to a private clinic to have an abortion. She goes over all the options with her and decides to postpone it. She goes back to her house where there is a party and goes upstairs to find her friend waiting for her and has an emotional moment where she is reduced to crying where and she states she is scared. Her friend hugs her and says that shell go with her the next day. When she gets to the clinic there is a large protest going on outside. She gets inside with the help of 2 escorts. ...read more.


The third film was believable until the doctor got shot at the end. I felt this was far too drastic and completely unnecessary and thought that it ruined the whole film. If I could change anything in the film it would be the part where the doctor gets shot in the third film as it ruined the seriousness of it, as it was far too drastic. I think that the protester who shot the doctor would insult Christians. It was put across as a Christian protest outside of the clinic and it is being contradictory to their religion and the idea of abortion being murder when they murder a person to stop it when as the fifth commandment says 'Thou shall not kill'. On the whole I thought the film dealt with abortion well talking about the issues of how scary it can be and what women had to resort to stop themselves having a child as they maybe thought they couldn't cope. ...read more.

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