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Analyse and explain the ways in which a religious or moral issue of concern to christians has been dealt with in a television soap opera or the national daily press?

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Aii) Analyze and explain the ways in which a religious or moral issue of concern to Christians has been dealt with in a television soap opera or the national daily press? Since the 1950s, soap operas have appeared on British television screens. During the mid-1950s, soap operas dominated late morning and early afternoon weekend television programming. When soap operas first began, they were usually based on middle-class families living in small towns, showing how good always triumphed. By the 1970s, soap operas had undergone a revolution. The started to include open discussion on abortion, drug abuse, wife abuse, suicide and so on. Even characters of various racial and ethnic backgrounds were introduced to what was once an all-white, Anglo-Saxon population. I have decided to analyze and explain the way forgiveness in Christianity has been dealt with in the television soap opera: Eastenders. Eastenders is a BBC production first broadcasted in 1985. It is watched by a little less than a third of the British population, by more women than men. It has become particularly popular amongst teenagers. Buckingham states that 'much of their fascination - and particularly that of the younger children - arose from its inclusion of aspects of adult life from which they were normally "protected"'. ...read more.


On the other hand, Sean returned home. Despites Stacy's efforts Sean refused to meet their mother. Sean still continues to feel resentful towards his mother, whereas Stacy was able to forgive her mother and move on. In relation to the given story, Stacy has shown the ability to forgive, in relation to her mother, whereas Sean needs to undergo that process and accept their mother's actions of abuse and no longer feel resentment towards her. In Eastenders the issue of forgiveness has been dealt with in two ways in this situation. It shows Jean shouting to Stacy 'You are the pain of my very existence'. This remark would not be taken by many people with a pinch of salt. People would usually argue back. This is an unforgivable thing for a mother to say, as a mother's love is said to be unconditional. Yet Stacy forgives her mother, even though the situation is tough, and understands their mother does not mean it. She also relaises that the only way for their broken relationship to heal is for her to forgive, as written in the Bible Eph 4:31 'Get rid of all bitterness, passion, and anger. No more shouting or insults, no more hateful feeling of any sort. ...read more.


This may lead him to feel uncomfortable in seeing her anymore. To conclude, I feel that Eastenders has represented the issue of forgiveness very well as shown by two different examples, which contrast with each other. It has shown in Stacy's case, if the teachings of God are followed, the relationship with the forgiven person will flourish and both Stacy and her mother are able to move on. Whereas Sean, who is not able to forgive his mother, still finds it emotionally painful to talk or even see eye to eye with his mother, which leads him not to forgive her. I feel that Sean not forgiving his mother has held him back and has made him a very temperamental person. Seeing both sides of forgiveness allows the viewer to make up his or her mind as to whether Jean truly deserves their forgiveness. It also makes them ponder upon whether, by forgiving someone, a person is able to move on in their life. In this way, we can see how both sides of a major religious issue in Christianity, forgiveness, is dealt with in a television soap opera. ?? ?? ?? ?? Anushi Patel 11E Religious Studies Coursework 20-02-08 6 ...read more.

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