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Analyse and explain the work of one Catholic Agency working for World development

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Analyse and explain the work of one Catholic Agency working for World development The Nation Board of Catholic Women set up CAFOD in 1962. They originally organised a Family Fast Day in response to a request from the people of the Caribbean Island of Dominica for help with a mother-and-baby health care programme. The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales officially set CAFOD, Catholic Agency For Overseas Development, up one year later. The main aim of CAFOD was to provide a focus for all the small-scale charitable efforts that were already taking place. More than forty years later, CAFOD is still bringing about change. This is a result of devotion of the catholic communities of England and Wales. ...read more.


That the world's resource are a gift to be equally shared between all men and women, no matter their race, nationality or religion. To pass this message out, CAFOD works with many different countries - Kenya, Bangladesh and Brazil. In Brazil, CAFOD supports a programme set up by local people. The project allows children from the street to learn skills that will give them a hopeful future and maybe a chance of a job. In Kenya, CAFOD supported the setting up of 2 health clinics. CAFOD then trained locals to be health workers. The trained health workers now help local communities and teach them to look after themselves properly. In Bangladesh, CAFOD set up a saving scheme to help farmers when the crops fail. ...read more.


CAFOD hosts the AIDS funding network group of catholic funding agencies from the north. CAFOD also produces a newsletter called AIDS Information Exchange Newsletter for partners and campaigners. CAFOD also provides help during the aftermath of disasters / emergencies. CAFOD responds to emergencies and if the need is get, CAFOD will raise money from the public you help. This money goes to fund emergency supplies providing seeds, tools, food, clean water, hygiene packs, blankets and shelter materials through relevant partner organisations. Albania is an extremely poor country. And faces a range of serious economic and social problems. CAFOD has spent �507,000 in Albania during 2003 - 2004. CAFOD Albania was set up by CAFOD in the UK in 1993. Since then it was provided vocational training for women and young people, provided legal aid and improved living conditions by allowing people to meet their basic needs. Lucille McLay 0312 43309 St. Johns R.C ...read more.

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