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Analysing a Charity Leaflet; Quaker Homeless Action.

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English - Charity Leaflet; Quaker Homeless Action "Whatever has brought these men and women to our shelter, few that we meet have even the weakest hopes that life may get better. ... the greatest challenge for Friends is not material. It is to be part, by whatever means, of the process that restores and nourishes self-worth in those who have lost every last grain of it." Quaker Homeless Action (QHA) is a charitable organisation bringing services and friendship to homeless people (rough sleepers) in Britain. Almost all of QHA's income is donated by individuals and Quaker Meetings. In recent years donations have been around �30,000 each year. QHA does most of its work in London, but the council of QHA are continually seeking to assist like minded charity groups throughout Britain. All QHA's work is done by unpaid volunteers - Quakers and non-Quakers - except that in recent years an administrator has been employed temporarily each year to help run Quaker Open Christmas. ...read more.


It is much appreciated. We have had requests for books on subjects ranging from childcare to plumbing, for dictionaries to help in learning English as a foreign language, for a Bible and the Koran, for books on learning about Quakers as well as the expected fiction - especially science fiction and fantasy, thrillers and horror. Helping to feed the mind is just as valuable as feeding the stomach. We were fortunate to receive a grant to cover the purchase and conversion of the van and the first year's running costs. Following a letter in The Bookseller, books have been donated by publishers and literary agents as well as by many individuals. On-going help is always needed to process these books for use on the van as well as more volunteers, especially drivers for the runs. We are also carrying leaflets about schemes for poor or non-readers and those those suffering from dyslexia. Campaigns QHA supports the Churches National Housing Coalition (CNHC), which campaigns for Government policies which will help homeless people, and is represented on the Quaker Housing and Social Inclusion Group (HSIG). ...read more.


We would like to do more, financially and in a practical way, but we are constrained by funding and also by the fact that many of our volunteers are already very stretched. Organisation QHA is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. This allows us to accept Charities Aid Foundation vouchers. We are governed by a Council of about sixteen Friends and attenders who are guided by an Annual General Meeting. There are many exciting questions about how we can respond to growing needs, what new work we should take on and how Quakers may best contribute. We hope Friends will continue to offer their support and guidance. Further Information For further information, please contact our clerk. (See "About QHA") Most Of our funding comes as donations from individuals and Quaker Meetings Our work is carried out by volunteers Can you help us to continue and to expand our work with homeless people? * at Open Christmas * on a Tea Run * in the Mobile Library * Or by making a donation (Charities Aid Foundation vouchers welcome) ...read more.

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