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Analytical Essay - Jack London, Call of the Wild - Choose three dogs, other than Buck, described in the novel. Discuss their relationship with Buck and other dogs.

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Analytical Essay - Jack London, Call of the Wild Choose three dogs, other than Buck, described in the novel. Discuss their relationship with Buck and other dogs. By Oren Fixler - 19.11.02 Buck, a huge four-year-old Scottish Shepherd-Saint Bernard crossbreed, lived a life of ease at Judge Miller's Santa Clara Valley estate. As the judge's loyal companion, working with his sons, and guarding his grandchildren, Buck ruled over all things, humans included. At this time, gold had been found in Alaska, and thousands of men were rushing to the Northland. They wanted dogs, dogs like Buck. One night Buck, along with other dogs, were stolen and sold to dispatchers from the Canadian government. There, money was exchanged, a rope was placed around Buck's neck, and his life in the civilized world had come to an end. Buck would now unite, with a team of huskies, to travel the wide expanse of the Yukon, delivering mail to those in fierce search of gold. During Buck's adventure he is taught numerous lessons. ...read more.


Spitz's strength and ability to proclaim his position as his own may have been strong, but not strong enough to withhold the determination Buck had to proclaim Spitz's position as his own. Until his craving for this position became so immense that he would kill another for this one desire. Spitz's relationship with Buck is an example of the amoral being who fights for survival with all of his might, disregarding what is right and wrong. Dave was perceived as care free, but his relationship with the other dogs was obtained without being clearly obvious. "Dave ate and slept, or yawned between times, and took interest in nothing, not even when the Narwhal crossed Queen Charlotte Sound". Even though Dave's interests were not evident at first, but his passion to complete his work was constantly shown. Dave's devotion to the job at hand is exhibited when he becomes ill on one of their journeys but refuses to leave the harness, preferring to die pulling the sled. He shared relationships with the dogs which were in a way, secretive. ...read more.


Her death is brutal; it acts as a warning to Buck of the harshness and cruelty of his new home. She symbolizes the effect of the law of club and fang, when she is punished for breaking the code of savage survival. Her death further instilled The Law of Club and Fang into his mind. To such an extent that the scene of her death would come back to haunt him in his dreams. Buck's relationship with Curly is one he will never forget, her kindness as well as her death are messages that will be with Buck forever. Buck's relationships with the other huskies varied. In many cases his relationship would weaken as time progressed. And in many instances his relationship with the dogs would evolve and strengthen. Each dog taught him a lesson. Weather it was Dave, who demonstrated, true determination on every level or Spitz who illustrated to Buck the Law of Fang. Buck learnt from all the dogs he was surrounded by. The messages he received were those that assisted him in his fight for leadership and finally in his journey back to his primordial being. Words = 922. ...read more.

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