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Annunciation Birth of Jesus Jesus in temple Baptism of Jesus Temptation Peters declaration about Jesus

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Religion Studies * Annunciation * Birth of Jesus * Jesus in temple * Baptism of Jesus * Temptation * Peters declaration about Jesus * The transfiguration * Palm Sunday * Jesus in the temple * "SPY" Wednesday * Maundy Thursday * Trials * Good Friday * Easter Sunday * Road to Emmaus * Jesus appears to disciples * Jesus ascends * Pentecost Birth of Jesus * Mary was pregnant she started giving birth to her baby when they got to Bethlehem. They couldn't find anywhere to stay because all the inns were full. So Marry had to give birth to her son then wrapped him in cloth. * Meanwhile an angel of the lord visited some shepherds who where spending the night on their farms to look after their sheeps. When they saw the angles they were very frightened. The angels reassured the shepherds. The angels told the shepherds that the god's son has just been born and they described where the baby was and suddenly lots of angels appeared singing praises to god. * When the angels left the shepherds went to find Jesus and when they found Jesus they were very happy because it had just been like what the Angels had told them. ...read more.


Foretell death/betrayal. Mount of olives/garden of Gethsemane Jesus and disciples go to pray. Jesus in apprehension disciples sleep. Judas appears kisses Jesus to identify him. Then Jesus is arrested. "Good" Friday: Jesus is sentenced to crucifiction. Golgotha/ calvery (place of the skull) 2 thieves: Gambled for clothes "king of the Jews" 12noon-3pm darkness Temple veil torn in two. Jesus died Joseph of Arimathorn asks council for body of Jesus. Wraps in linen, places in cave tomb in a hurry as it is almost Sabbath. Easter Sunday: Women o to anoint body. Jesus is risen 2 angerls present. Women tell men who don't believe but go to tomb to see for themselves Resurrection. Jesus appears to disciples: Showed hands and feet. Ate fish Explained scriptures Jesus ascends: Bethany Jesus blesses them and is then raised to heaven. The parable of the Good Samariton: * A teacher of law asks Jesus "who's my neighbour?" * Jesus answered "what does the law say?" * He said "Love your lord your god with all your heart and with all your mind. Love your neighbour as yourself" * Jesus told him he's right and he should do the same. ...read more.


10 commandments. 1. I am the lord your god 2. You should not have any other god before me. 3. You should not use the lord's name in wane. 4. Keep Sabbath day holey. 5. you must honour your parents 6. You mustn't commit murder. 7. You mustn't commit a 8. You mustn't steal 9. You mustn't lie. 10. You mustn't covet. Love. Philia -> friendship. Eros -> falling in love. Agape -> mother and child, putting someone first. Pentecost It was day of Pentecost in Jerusalem. Believers had gathered together in one place. Suddenly there was a noise from sky which sounded like a strong wind blowing. Then believers saw what looked like tongues on fire, which spread out and touched each person on the face, they were all filled with the holly spirit and began to talk in other languages Everyone was excited. Then people gathered around when they hearth noises and could hear believers talking in their own language. People were amazed and confused and kept asking "what does this mean?" some people said "These people are drunk" and walked away. (5o days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost.) ...read more.

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