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Anti-abortions speech

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Abortion Do you live in a civilized society? Does the thought of thousands of people being murdered daily prey on your mind? Today the brutal, horrific and immoral murder of thousands of babies daily is allowed. Why? In Britain and across the world abortion is legal at any time between conception, to 9 months later when birth will take place. At 9 weeks the baby can feel pain. Imagine. How must it feel to drink acid and feel your body burn from the inside out? Or be dragged out of the womb when you can't yet breathe on your own and you suffocate? Gianna Jessen was a "botched abortion". Because of this she had cerebral palsy. They thought she would die. ...read more.


The argument for abortion is that the baby isn't alive. Therefore it isn't murder. There are two main areas we must consider a persons view and the biological view before making a decision on whether it is right or wrong. The problem with one persons view is that it is just that one persons view however biological points are undisputable fact. Fact 18 days after conception the baby has a heartbeat. Fact at 6 weeks the baby has brainwaves. Fact at 8 weeks the baby has a stomach liver and kidneys and fingerprints are formed. Fact at 9 weeks the baby can feel pain. ...read more.


They say that some mothers may have been raped or the mother's health may be at risk that only accounts for 5% the other 95% is because the baby is not wanted. The malevolent dictators in Parliament provide a platform for the savage killing of hundreds if not thousands of babies daily. Abortion must be stopped if we are to live in a just and lawful society. It can. No it must be stopped. Put an end to the unjust butchery of babies daily. Campaign. Write to mps to put and end to the violence in every hospital across Britain. Merciless. Immoral. Unjust. Sickening. These superlatives are relevant this does happen it must be stopped. Thomas Basley ...read more.

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