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Ao2 Baptism Christians teach that baptism is a Sacrament which means that it is a sign of the giving of God's grace and salvation to a person. Christians look upon baptism as the beginning of a life-long relationship with God. Most Christians today believe in baptism and encourage it to be a tradition. Some also believe it is the eternal life because it allows a person to make a fresh start and seek a new way of life and all their sins are washed away. In Mark's gospel it begins with John the Baptist. He was preaching in the desert and he had an urgent message turn away from your sins and be baptised and God will forgive all your sins, (Mark 1 9-11) ...read more.


Different Christians believe different things and some believe that the gift of the Holy Spirits given at baptism and that the Holy Spirit enters the persons body and gives them a new way of life enabling the Christian to share in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Christians believe that a person who has been baptised has been born again; some say it gives them the strength to become more like Jesus. Water and the Holy Spirit symbolises a new life and salvation. Christians don't believe that the Holy Spirit is only received through being baptised, as the Spirit moves freely and can come to anyone at any time of their life. ...read more.


Jesus and immersed his whole body under, into the river Jordan, although it wouldn't be quite like Jesus' baptism as the heavens don't open and God himself don't speak to us. In both of these a commitment is made to turn away from all evil and seek God with love. They are baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The commitment is made by either the individual or in infant baptism, in which someone represents the infant, for example the parents and/or god-parents. In conclusion to this, many Christians choose to be baptised because they want to have that connection with God and baptism is the first stepping stone to get closer to God. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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