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Ao2 Disicpleship

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ao2 the journey disicpleship begins at baptism is not just a long journey of disicpleship it were you are announced into the catholic church.the thing that reminds me most baptism is when jesus gets baptised in the river jordan by john the baptist. water is the symbol that is the call of chrism the oil of priest and is used when your baptised. butbieng part of the church means a lot to me it means that i become a part of gods kingdom and if means you can always reunite with God but when you become apart of the church it also brings respondaibilites that is the ten commandments and if you stick to them you will have no problem bieng reunited with God. ...read more.


in our soceity i think my mum and the Pope are true disciples because they always tell you to do whats right and not whats wrong plus they both care about you so thats why i think that they are reall true discples. i can always look up to mother thresea as a role model for bieng a true disciple because her best intrests were to help other poeple who where badly ineed of help and thats why i will always look up to mother thersa she always reminds me of jesus because of what jesus done because she done the same work as jesus but that word that you would use the best to describe her is with the word faith. ...read more.


over the next few years.but it still impoertant to keep our faith in jesus because some people still dont belive in jesus's miracles and keep hoping and beielving in jesus miracles. it is important we keep our christian hope today beacuase it shows us what jesus done for us and also what he give up for us but the message from marks gospel is to always belive in jesus and show how jesus did us and why we should not give up our christain faith just because othe poeple other poeple dont beleive in it and keep your fiath strong and listen to the great messages that marks gospel sends out about our faith and tell all us about the wonderful stuuf that has happened within our faith. ...read more.

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