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AO2 Explain how Roman Catholics might put their beliefs about abortion into practice.

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AO2 Explain how Roman Catholics might put their beliefs about abortion into practice. There are many ways in which Christians who are against abortion might put these beliefs into action. for example: A christian might join a pro life organisation which campaigns against abortion, such as life or spuc (the society for the protection of the unborn child) Their beliefs about abortion, might affect the ways in which they vote. Some candidates for election, particularly in the USA, make statements about their views on abortion. A Christian who disagreed with abortion might choose to vote for someone who promised to make abortions more difficult to obtain. They might take part in protests against abortion. for example, they might write letters to newspapers and to their mp. they might take part in marches and other demonstrations, carrying placards that advertise their opinions. they could picket clinics which offer abortions, and try to persuade the people visiting the clinic to think again before keeping their appointments. ...read more.


there are various christian adoption agencies, and a christian who is against abortion might support one of these, encouraging women to go through with their pregnancies and give the baby to a couple who will provide him or her with a loving home. if christians are in favour of a woman being able to choose to have an abortion an abortion, they might put their beliefs into action: they might join a group which campaigns for the right to choose abortion. when people are talking about abortion, they might explain why feel it is sometimes the most loving choice; they might discourage other people from harshly criticising women who have chosen to have abortions. they might support an organisation which offers counselling forpeople who have had abortions. they might pray about the problem of abortion. Even if a christian believes that abortion can sometimes be the most sensible choice, they are still likely to believe that it is important to give people a proper sex education to avoid unwanted pregnancies happening in the first place. ...read more.


Its members believe that life begins at the moment of conception and that all human life is equally valuable, whether the foetus is healthy or not. They say that abortions which take place because the foetus is abnormal in some way discriminate against disabled people, suggesting that they are inferior and that the word be better place without them. SPUC teaches that tests during pregnancy should only be performed for the benefit of the foetus, and not in order to make a decision about whether an abortion should be carried out. Christians could offer to foster or adopt the children of those are pregnant and do not wish to keep their babies like my birth mother and father in romaina they put me up for adoption because of the simple reason they couldnt not afford to keep me so my mum and dad adopted me like good christians they saved my life because i would of gone into an ophin and would of lived a sort life because of all the dieaseas. Christians could also join or take part in peaceful protests against abortion. ...read more.

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