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AQA Christian Responce

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RE Coursework - Christian Response AO1 Explain the beliefs Christians hold about their responsibility for those at the beginning and end of their lives. The Catholic Church strong believes in the sanctity of human life and to take a life it is a mortal sin, no matter what. This is the same for aborting a child, as from the moment of conception that child is a life in the eyes of the Catholic Church, and by killing that child you are taking away an innocent life, and committing a sin which is worthy of spending eternity in hell unless you were to show remorse in confessions. Catholics believe strongly in this as the Bible teaches that a child in the womb is aware of the presence of God, as Elizabeth's baby leapt in her womb when Mary visited her. Catholic beliefs on the sanctity of human life at the beginning of life extend past the moment of conception to the act of sex its self, where all methods of artificial contraception are deemed sinful since they are preventing the possibility of a new life being brought into the world. The Catholic view on the value of life at the beginning of life isn't universal for all Christian denominations. ...read more.


The woman might realise it's not the baby's fault but may realise that she mentally wouldn't be able to look after the child since she would be reminded of the incident constantly. That is an extraordinary case however; the reason why many might consider abortion is because they have got pregnant out of marriage and are worried about what others will think as well as how they will get the means to look after the child. In these cases the Catholic Church and other anti abortion churches would most likely advise the mother to carry out the pregnancy, and advice the mother on her options on looking after the child once it's born. For instance adoption is one example of what to do, since if the mother wasn't willing to keep the child she could at least be sure that it had gone to a good home. If the mother belonged to a Christian Church which allows abortions she would most likely be told of her options and the implications of the abortion would b explained to her, so she would be fully aware. There are anti abortion charities which raise awareness of how developed the child is at the time of abortion, and just what the process involves. ...read more.


However, someone who disagrees with this statement may argue that we should try and force our opinions onto others because as Christians we are aware of what is right and wrong, and if we know someone believes in something that is wrong shouldn't we tell them so? Also, Jesus freely expressed his opinions to those who believed otherwise, for example he openly argued with the chief priests on several occasions, so shouldn't we follow His example and tell those who believe in something that is wrong, what is right? As well as that, if someone is uncertain about a controversial topic such as abortion shouldn't we give them our opinion as well as the reasoning behind it so they can help to make their mind up? Personally I believe that Christians should express their opinions but not force others to believe so but fully inform them about all the facts. For example shouldn't a Christian inform someone with their heart set on an abortion what the Bible teaches about abortion, as well as the facts about the process and what the baby feels so they can make an informed decision? I don't think people should force their opinions on anyone since everyone is entitled to their own opinions, no matter what it is. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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