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Are Near Death Experiences:

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Are Near Death Experiences: Evidence of an Afterlife or Not? Near death experiences (NDEs) are found to be very common in all different countries. NDEs are explained by a separate soul or consciousness rising out of the body and slowly, peacefully floating to the ceiling. When the victim has reached the ceiling he/she will watch down on their own body and can recall what has happened to them afterwards. This stage is known as the 'out of body experience' and when this stage occurs the victim is either clinically dead or in a great deal of pain, near to death. The second stage is well-known as the 'tunnel of light.' ...read more.


However, the memories are very clear and the victim can recall what had happened without the information already stored in the brain. There is no possible way the patient would have known this would have happened. Another experience was recorded but this time instead of just the first stage, the 'tunnel of light' stage and 'the heavenly stage' also happened. This time the patient was suffering from labour pains. The victim had just had her first child and prayed to die as she couldn't handle the pain. The patient drifted to the corner of the room and looked down on her body without any knowledge that anything was going to happen. ...read more.


However, stages two and three are easier to explain. In stage three, images of family and friends are already stored in our brains so it is quite possible easy for us to dream about them. In stage two the lack of oxygen to our brains when we our on other gases and medical drugs can cause the 'limbic system' to fail leaving our brain confused and making random things happen in our heads. Personally, in conclusion, I think that soul or consciousness is separate from the body but no afterlife exists. Alternatively, I also think that a more scientific explanation is that the brain is also pre-programmed to make death more peaceful explaining the reason why the soul floats peacefully away from the brain and drifts calmly off. ...read more.

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