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Argument Construction - Terrorism

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ARGUMENT CONSTRUCTION Terrorism is a political tactic usually employed by those with relatively few resources compared to there chosen advisories, designed to accomplish certain discreet objectives on the cheap. The definition of terrorism can be put forth as "an act of violence and intimidations to achieve political aims". This definition makes you think that is it worth the governments while to negotiate with terrorists or not? Trying to negotiate with someone (terrorists) that threatens you is a very difficult task to overcome; it involves a lot of patients and toleration. This is exactly what our government has been doing, it has been patient and has been tolerating the treats from the terrorists but how long can the government stay silent for. ...read more.


Information about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction is already in public domain from UN reports and from Iraqi defectors, this clearly points that Iraq continues to posses these weapons and also shows that Iraq, has refurbished sites formally associated with the production of chemical and biological agents and it indicates that Iraq remains able to manufacture these agents and deliver them via bomb, shells artillery rockets and ballistic missiles. In Blair's dossiers it says where the funding of these weapons come in, it briefly sets out how Iraq is able to finance its weapons programme drawing on illicit earnings generated outside the UN control. In 2001 Iraq gathered $3 billon illegally. ...read more.


Looking at this recent war on terrorism can we say it was a success? Using arms would not solve terrorism, as you can see from the above example and also we have at hand a perfect example of the present state of the conflict between Israel and Palestine, there are no negations going on between the two, so Israel has sent it army into Palestine to get rid of the terrorists there and the Palestinians going into Israel tied with bombs on them selves. As you can see from this essay we can only overcome terrorism by negotiating. There for the government should negotiate with terrorists. Adnan Shah (Danny) ...read more.

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