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ENC1101 Angela Fralick Essay #8 Argumentation According to Gore Vidal," It is easy to discuss what has gone wrong with us. It is not easy to discuss what should be done to correct what has gone wrong. It is absolutely impossible the in our public discourse to discuss why so much has gone wrong and, indeed, has been wrong with us since the very beginning of the country, even before that when our white tribes were living elsewhere."(Lowell Lecture-America First, America Last, America at Last) From Gore Vidal's perspective, America is bad, a land of "great unmentionable evil", a land of sky gods (monotheism) and religions that he feels are anti-human, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I believe that no country on this earth is perfect. ...read more.


America is an amazing country, a country where anyone can become successful, where punishment is fair and just, and where people are free to choose his/her religion. I feel that anyone in this country can become successful. In America, many people graduate high school and then go on to college. American's not only get to choose for themselves if college is right for them, but if they do choose to attend, the government offers many scholarships and grants, such as the Pell Grant and The Bright Futures Scholarship, to assist in paying for college. Many people become successful through college. A doctor is a well-respected profession whom makes a good living after eight years of college. Some people found companies or invent objects to become tycoons. ...read more.


In America, human beings have the right to choose his/her own religious practice. America has the most diversity of religion than any other country in the world. In other countries, such as Iran, Jews have been looked down upon and even persecuted. In 1933, Hitler persecuted more than 6,000,000 Jews in Europe (www.hearnow.org). In America, the Jewish religion is widely accepted. More than 250,000 Jewish people reside in New York alone. (www.adherents.com) America is not evil. America is a land where "poor people are fat," (10 Great Things) a land where every person may choose his or her path of life, whether poor, rich, or anywhere in between. America is a land of fair and just punishment for criminals. America is a land that has nearly perfected the concept of religious freedom. America is a land of diversity and freedom, absolutely not a land of evil. ...read more.

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