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arguments for and against abortion.

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This essay focuses on the arguments for and against abortion. The definition of abortion is a miscarriage or termination of pregnancy consciously by some form of human intervention. I will consider four points in favour and four points against abortion. Firstly, I will argue the points in favour of abortion. With abortion you must consider the rights of the mother. The institution of abortion has created a fork in the road for women. Imagine this; there is a woman caught up in the pursuit of her life's dreams. Suddenly and unexpectedly, she finds herself pregnant. Society gives her two options. First, she could have an abortion, remove herself from the problem, and continue the pursuit of a desired lifestyle. Second, she could have the child, abandon her dreams, and lead a selfless lifestyle oriented around her family. To this ambitious woman, it becomes quite clear that abortion is the only way out. So, she has the abortion and continues on with life. It is this type of situation that results in well over one million abortions every year. The problem here is that women should not be forced to choose between one way of life or the other. They should be able to have children and continue their desired lifestyle. ...read more.


In addition, it is maintained that the foetus is an aggressor against the woman's integrity and personal life; it is only just and morally defensible to repel an aggressor even by killing him if that is the only way to defend personal and human values. It is concluded, then, that abortion is justified in these cases. Another reason for an abortion is if the child is likely to have a deformity. Here the mother may have the child's best interest at heart and may not want to bring someone into the world who would be treated differently because of their deformity, the way they are treated could have a negative effect on their life and that will restrict their chances for a good and happy life. Having argued the case for abortions I will now put the case forward for the reasons against abortion. In the case of an abortion you must consider the rights of the unborn child. The unborn child is the bearer of rights which are violated by abortion. In the common law world there is a complex mass of decisions relating to unborn children which are often difficult to settle. ...read more.


This case generally concerns younger people when sexual intercourse takes place and the contraception used is not 100% proof to stop the female conceived and therefore the only easy option to turn to is abortion. Abortion should not be given in this instant as the results of the couples actions should have been taken into consideration by themselves before the female conceived and became pregnant. We were all tiny once, tiny but steadily developing. Journeying through each stage of life we are conceived, we are born, we grow through infancy, childhood and adolescence, eventually reach adulthood and then the final stages of life. It is our right to expect protection throughout each stage of our life. Just because we are small and unseen within our mothers' wombs does not mean those rights should be denied. The right to life is a 'core' right without which all other rights are meaningless. In seeking to protect the unborn there are some painful decisions to be made because many women are in situations of injustice. Creative non-violent solutions to such problems are far more desirable than abortion which is the ultimate social injustice. Even though the enforcement of laws to protect unborn babies is difficult, this does not remove the need to seek just solutions. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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