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Arguments for and against abortion in America.

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Title: Arguments for and against abortion in America Name: Sabrina Sardar Number of Words: 2364 Registration Number: 01149305 When exploring contentious topic like abortion, the opinions vary from a negative view to a positive view; therefore it is a crucial importance to determine why abortion is increasing and why people perform such an act in America. The abortion statistics show that there has been a large increase in the population who has abortion. People that support abortion will favour that women has a right to her own body which means that the foetus has no such right. Alternatively some people may reject the claim that abortion is simply murder. My goal is to point out the different opinion said about abortion and their reason for their views. I will be looking at why people agree with abortion and why people disagree and whether the embryo is a foetus or a baby (Luker, 1985:). Considering abortion we must say whether the embryo is a person or not. If the embryo is a person then it must have rights but if the embryo is a baby then it becomes murder to exterminate an embryo. People debate the question 'when is the baby is considered alive?' Some say the embryo inside the mother is still alive, when the 23 chromosomes of the sperm meets the 23 chromosomes of the egg, when the foetus's heart starts beating, when the baby starts breathing (when it is born) or when the baby's soul is place into the body which is 120 days after pregnancy according to Islamic views. ...read more.


(Ecclesiastes 6:3-5) Undoubtedly the issue of miscarriage is mentioned and states that it is better to end a pregnancy early rather than have it come into a sad life. Pro Choice says the baby is not alive when it is in the mother's womb. If it was alive the zygote does not have full human rights for example the right to be aborted during its growth. Another single-cell amoeba also coverts nutrients and oxygen into biological energy that causes its cells to divide, multiply and grow. It also contains a full set of its own DNA. It shares everything in common with a human zygote except that it is not a potential person. If it is left to grow, it will always be an amoeba and never a human person. The amoeba can be just as live as the zygote but we would never say that it has human rights. The foetus is dependent of the mother because without the mothers continuous nutrition and oxygen the baby can die. (Schroeder, 1992:37-38,72-73) If the foetus develops and eventually born then it is because of the mothers choice to allow her own body to secure the baby in order to allow it to grow. If the mother wished to control her own body because of any possible danger of childbearing then the right to abort the foetus becomes acceptable. What ever affects the mother can affect the child and vice-versa. (Luker, 1985:92) There cannot be two people controlling the body with both equal power, naturally there is someone with more prohibition power than the other. ...read more.


The foetus is considered not to be a person as the anti-abortion activist claim that it is merely a potential person. In the Longman Active Study Dictionary a person is described as "a man, woman, or child:" (2000:491). The difference between human and a person is 'consciousness.' With self-awareness we think about ourselves and use language to describe ourselves. Usually consciousness does not come until months or even years after a baby is born. Pro-choice people claim that a baby is dependent on the mother and abortion is therefore acceptable, but this theory cannot be used because the child is still dependent on his or her parent after birth. Does this mean that it is ok to kill a three-month-old baby? It can also be argued that a single-cell zygote is not a human that anti-abortionist claim because a normal hair follicle could contain DNA where the identification of a man or woman can be made but it is not said that the strand of hair is a human. Therefore the signal-cell zygote is not a human. There are a number of arguments that is in favour of or apposed to abortion. They both have an equally good biblical evidences and hard evidence. The question will always stay whether an embryo is just a foetus or a human. What people would tend to do is have their own personal preferences. If the embryo is a foetus then the women would go ahead with the abortion otherwise if the embryo is a human then they would refuse to have an abortion. ...read more.

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