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As Christians we do have responsibilities for other people - We should love, care and help our neighbours.

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R.E Coursework Alex Coutinho 10 R Question one As Christians we do have responsibilities for other people. We should love, care and help our neighbours. Christians believe that God created everyone equal, and that we were all created in the image of God (Genesis chapter 1), because of this we also believe that we have the duty to care for others as well as ourselves. To be a Christian, we have to be stewards of the earth. Stewards look after the world God created, this includes humans as we live in it. In the New Testament we have several teachings where Jesus encourages us to love our neighbours. We see that we help all kinds of people regarding their religion or what they look like in 'The Good Samaritan' when a Samaritan helps a man who has been beaten up and had his money stolen, and the man is a Levite and he would probably expect the least amount of help from a Samaritan as their people don't like each other. ...read more.


God alone is the Lord of life from it's beginning until its end: no one can under any circumstance claim for himself the right directly- to destroy an innocent human being.' In this catechism the Roman Catholic church tells us that life is sacred because God gave us life. We should cherish our lives and the life of others by helping them. Life is a precious gift from God; we should live our lives to the fullest. To show God we appreciate his gift we should also help others live their lives to the fullest. As a member of the Catholic Church your relationship with God should always be getting stronger, like confirmation and to prove your faith and to get closer to God you have to help others and you have to take that responsibility. Catechism 2069 'One cannot honour another person without blessing God his creator. One cannot adore God without loving all men, his creatures.' If you believe and say you are a Christian, you cannot ignore the needs of others. ...read more.


Then, on 12 March 1977, a priest was murdered, in Aguilares. He recognized that power lay in the hands of violent men, and that they murdered with impunity. The wealthy sanctioned the violence that maintained them. Death squads committed murder in the cities while soldiers killed as they wished in the countryside. More and more Romero committed himself to the poor and the persecuted,, his church began to document the abuse of human rights, and to establish the truth in a country governed by lies, where men and women simply disappeared without account. But when a succession of priests were murdered Romero found in their deaths 'testimony of a church incarnated in the problems of its people.' On 24 March 1980, he was suddenly shot dead while celebrating mass in the chapel of the hospital where he lived. Oscar Romero devoted his time to help those who were poor and were persecuted, he did not have to do anything but he chose to and that's why he is a good example to follow. Christians should show more often that life is sacred by helping other people like Oscar Romero. ...read more.

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