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As the days went by I educated my mates about my religion. For example they didn't know that we Muslims are not allowed to eat pork a

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Draft Original writing My religion. For my original writing I have decided to write about a time in my life where I had to make a difficult decision which would have had completed consequences for me. Mid September 1996 first day of high school like every new student I was extremely nervous as this was my first time I been somewhere that I didn't know anyone. As I entered the main entrance there was havoc every as all new pupils where ask to go into the assembly hall to be allotted to they appropriate form groups. Once I was allocated to my form group I instantly realised that there were no Muslims in my class and that most if not all Christians. ...read more.


I explained to them that I didn't want to sit in the diner as other were eating they food it just made me hungry. As a joke at first one of the lads pulled out a crisp packet from his jacket and asked me to take some. I told him that I was fasting and I couldn't have anything to eat until sunset. He then kept on asking me several times to take some crisp I just kept on answering with the same replay that I was fasting. Half an hour had now passed and he was still asking me one time I was really tempted to take some crisp just to shut him up but my conscious told me that if I did take some crisp I would not be ...read more.


For example they didn't know that we Muslims are not allowed to eat pork and bacon, we could only eat a special kind of meat called Halal meat which had been prayed on. Another problem was explained to my tutors that I could not participate in food technology or P.e as it just made my day a lot harder. As time went by my teachers and mates understood more about me and my religions and how I had to fit it around my daily chores. After a year when the month of Ramadan came again my mates understood at more. It was especially nice when I didn't have to participate in P.e as I was fasting got me out of playing football on those cold winter mornings. By Asif Khan "You should always believe in yourself and do what you heart thinks is right" ...read more.

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