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Assess the importance of healing miracles as gospel teachings

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Assess the importance of healing miracles as gospel teachings In the study of miracles I am considering how the traditions about Jesus' mighty works have been used and their initial significance. I will also establish Jesus' understanding of miracles, the early churches use of them and how the early church interpreted them as gospel teachings. The 3 synoptic gospels portray different views of the telling of the stories about Jesus' life and his ministry. The old and new testament defines miracles as: God violates the 'laws of nature'. However, Saint Augustine defined a miracle not as something 'opposed to nature but as something opposed only to 'what is known of nature'. In the bible, God uses miracles to allow man to witness the divine works and power to signify Gods supremacy over man and nature. Therefore miracles announce the existence, authority and glory of a supernatural God; how God intervenes in the laws of nature. ...read more.


Jesus gave 12 men called to be apostles the power to carry out miracles to attempt and do the same things on their own. They would be given power under his guidance to do similar things. Jesus now required people to come to their own conclusions on who he was. The apostles performed miracles in the book of Acts but they were in general to the gentiles not the Jewish nation. Given that the nation had already discarded him as their Messiah. The early church used the traditions and stories about Jesus and his sayings for preaching and teaching about whom he was. Jesus was part of a three-fold ministry of preaching, teaching and healing. The gospels teach that the importance of all miracles is that they are prophesised works of the messiah and that they are signs rather than great works. The early church teaches Christians to recognize their true religious significance. ...read more.


Kingsbury, 1983. Jesus cured Simons mother in law of a fever in Mark (2:29-34). The miracle signifies the authority of Jesus over physical illness. It shows Jesus can complete the requirements of Gods people. The feeding of the 5000 is the only miracle that is actually mentioned in all four of the Gospels. The gospel teaches that this story let's us recognize that nothing in life goes to waste, even the experiences we face if we believe in Jesus to aid us get through them. The feeding of the 5000 turns out to be as significant symbolically as is it is factually. As is regularly the case the information given in these accounts are spiritually important. With these insights, we can observe the message Jesus was sending: "By the Grace of God you'll be spiritually fed as the Bread of Life gives Himself to you. The witness of His Word will sustain you and enough of the Bread of Life will be given for all the House of Israel." (John 6:25-40). Belinda ...read more.

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