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Atheism and Belief in God

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1. What does Agnosticism? mean? Not being sure whether God exists 1. Do you think miracles prove that God exists? Give two reasons for your point of view. I do because a miracle is when something happens that cannot be explained and eventually people come to believe that God made it happen. If a person witnesses an event they believe God has caused or created then their faith is likely to be strengthened but also a liberal miracle is belief and strength that against all odds something good can happen. By these miracles taking place it shows that God is with us and is causing these miracles to happen, as they have no logical explanation. ...read more.


Scientists today would argue that the world was made by the ?big bang?. If a person agrees with this theory, they may also argue that God did not make the world and therefore that God does not exist. Some scientist such as Darwin argued that all living things descended from common ancestors, so wolf-like creatures that evolved and developed over millions of years into the many different species of dogs we have today. Scientist theory is so strong that it leads many of people to become atheists or agnostics as they have proof of the world creation whereas God only has his word. ...read more.


1. Give reasons why some people may disagree with you. Some people may disagree because they think that people can make their own mind up without help from the television. ?Songs of Praise? is a well-known programme based around hymns usually from Christianity. It is a programme that is sometimes seen as being aimed at an older audience and so therefore may lead a young person to believe that God and religion is something that older people do and is not for people of their generation. Not everybody will find that worshipping God through hymns is beneficial to them; they may find that this alienates them from God, making him seem distant. ...read more.

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