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Attitudes Towards Marriage

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Attitudes Towards Marriage Within the last 100 years, attitudes towards marriage have significantly changed. Traditionally, men and women were expected to marry whereas today this isn't the case and many people choose whether or not they wish to get married. This is partly because women are much more active in the workplace and have different priorities. Traditionally, any property belonging to the wife passed to her husband. ...read more.


Today, not many women would be prepared to marry men with this attitude! Today we also have many mixed race marriages. Attitudes 100 years ago wouldn't have allowed this marriage to take place. Marriage was also seen as the correct place as having children. Having a sexual relationship before marriage was frowned upon. Anyone who found herself pregnant was usually forced into marriage. Today, many people live together before marrying, and many have children. ...read more.


Traditionally, women were the housewives who stayed at home and looked after the children, and men were the breadwinners. Today it is common for women to go to work, and some men become househusbands, which was traditionally a female role. Women and men are also less prepared to put p with bad treatment. Also, today many people marry more than once. It is only recently that divorce has become possible, and it was originally only a man who could divorce the woman. The fact that divorce and remarriage takes place shows that attitudes have changed. ...read more.

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