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Attributes of God essay.

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Kimberley Palmer 24th September 03 Attributes of God essay. The traditional attributes of God for the Christian religion include that Christians see God as being unseen as a person. This means that He is there even if no one has seen Him in the flesh. Also they believe He is unique. Christians believe that God cannot be compared to anybody else. They also believe that no man is equal to Him and that there is just one God. They also believe in the Trinity, there is one God and He can be seen in three ways - the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. The Son, Jesus is God incarnation. God to Christians is also infinite. No man can measure God and He is not limited by space or time. He is also known as Personal, God is not an 'It' He has personality. Christians also say that God is eternal. They think God has always been there and always will be there. Thomas Aquinas said, "Gods essence and existence are identical. Gods essence it to exist eternally." ...read more.


Also if God knows everything then He must know what will happen in the future and if this is the case then He is powerless to change it. If God knows everything then He cant feel emotion because there is nothing that can be revealed to Him that will make he react emotionally. As He is omnipotent, all powerful, by knowing what will happen in the future and not having the power to change it means that He is not an all powerful God. If He were all-powerful then surely He would change the future outcome so everything was good rather than evil happening. Also if He was all-powerful then why is there all the evil and suffering in the world there is, if He has the power to do something about it. Could this mean that He isn't the all-loving God many people believe Him to be? Also if He is all-powerful can God create a stone big enough so He can't lift it? If He can't create it He is not all-powerful and if He cant lift it He is not all-powerful. ...read more.


Surely this is wrong as He created man in His image and we are all made in the image if Him therefore cant we compare him to ourselves in a way? He is personal. He is not an 'it'' but a person with a personality. If this is the case then why is He unseen and will He reveal Himself, and can people actually believe in something they cant see? I feel that really the problems for a modern day Christian cant really be resolved due to the fact that all these attributes are written in the Bible aswell as the explanations. I feel that to try and change these would be like re writing the Bible. This cannot be done as it is the word of God and changing it would mean changing millions of Christian's views towards God and their religion as a whole. I feel that modern day Christians should just be able to take these attributes as any other Christian has done in the thousand years before them. If they are a true Christian then really their view towards the religion shouldn't be determined on a few things written in the Bible, as this is not what their entire religion is based on. R.S Essay. Mr Cotterell Kimberley Palmer 24/09/03 ...read more.

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