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Australia has areas which can be classified as poverty-stricken.

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POVERTY Like every other country in the world Australia has areas which can be classified as poverty-stricken. Even though the minority of people in these areas may not always be poor we classify them as poor because they live in poverty stricken areas. Poverty is a major concern in all countries as it wrecks the economy and disrupts the social balance of a country's economy if it gets out of hand. There are many causes for poverty but the most common one is that the poor do not earn a large enough income to be able to live a normal life. This lack of income can be caused from numerous reasons including lack of work skills, unable to get a job because of a criminal record, not being suited to the job or being unable to keep and hold a job for prolonged periods of time. Many of the people stricken by poverty and who live on the streets have a mental illness of one kind or another, which destroys any chances of them getting a job. These people do not know how to interact correctly with society, as they have no knowledge of how to interact with people. ...read more.


Australia experienced a time of immense poverty, during the Great Depression. Many other countries fell into poverty during this era because of the lack of money and jobs. Australia recovered from the depression due to World War 2. The war provided many jobs around Australia in the army, making weapons and bullets as well as farmhands, who worked the fields to provide food for the soldiers to eat during the war. This meant that more people bought things from other people causing our economy to gets itself back on track and pulled our citizens out from the greedy hands of poverty. Back in 1975 Australia had an overall poverty rate of 6.4% which is not really that bad compared to some other countries. Unfortunately for us this rate has increased over the years at a steady rate. In 1981-82 Australia's poverty rate rose by 3.8% to reach a total of 10.2 %. The percentage of people in poverty continued to rise in 1985-86 but by a smaller margin of 1.5%, to a total of 11.7% of Australian's in poverty. Within a space of ten years the percentage of poverty stricken people in Australia had rose from 6.4% to 11.7%. ...read more.


I think that the current methods for reducing poverty are working quite well. The percentage of poor people has dropped because our unemployment rate has decreased meaning more people are earning a wage and increasing their personal worth. The poverty percentage has fallen over the last few years and this is because of the current measures being used by the government. As there is currently no uproar about poverty and no protests, riots or demonstrations I interpret that people consider like I do that the poverty level is slowly increasing making the country and all it's inhabitants much better off. Our poverty level has decreased even more since 1996 and even though I don't know the exact percentage I expect it to be below 10%. Our state has payed off a lot of the debt it had amassed and the current average debt per person is $2500 compared with $6500 a few years ago. Once this debt has been totally paid off the government can concentrate on new and improved methods to bring the states as well as countries poverty level way down. In summary I do think the current methods employed to decrease poverty are working very efficiently and extremely well. ...read more.

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