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Autobiography: Christmas

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Autobiography: Christmas Tomorrow is Halloween, and whereas stereotypically I should be bombarded with extortionately priced Halloween merchandise at this Hallmark time of year, it is in fact the Santa Claus Corporation which is being forced down my throat. It is 55 days, almost TWO whole months until Christmas Day, and yet wherever I turn another tacky Christmas- Time gimmick is being sold to me at "Low Low Prices!!" I remember a time where Christmas meant something to me. A time where I gladly accepted Christmas and all of its wonderful exploits with open arms and a song (more than likely it would have been Jingle Bells) in my heart. Surprisingly I look back on these times with nostalgia and glorification, although now I view Christmas with a tinge of bitterness and cynicism that I too had been taken for a ride from being the consumer-idiot-impulse-buyer that is the majority of the population. But when I was younger (some may say young and UNDOUBTEDLY na�ve) ...read more.


It is the 7.5ft real pine needle tree that looms in the corner that grabs (and shakes like a pneumatic drill) my attention first. This tree, adorned with what can only be described as the most... FESTIVE "decorations" is of course the masterpiece of the house. It is as if my family has one mission and one alone- to prevent any patch of green showing out from under the d�cor. It looks how I feel; a hostage of this "special" time of year, gagged and bound by reams of burning lights and suffocated slowly by masses of cheap plastic ornaments. As I survey the rest of the scene I sigh with disappointment to see with a familiar feeling of dread reverberate through my stomach as I see that the rest of the place is every inch as mortifying as it was 360 days earlier. At this point my co operative-ness has reached its end as I dig my fingernails into my schoolbag and lunge for the door, slamming it behind me. ...read more.


So to be then forced to live in the very epitome of the thing I hate sometimes pushes me to the edge- but then I remember- "Christmas comes but once a year". What a blessing. With this thought in my mind I compose myself after my collision with what seems to be Rudolph (the neon nose gives it away) I begin the long slow walk to school, and shock myself with how much I am looking forward to being enveloped in it's thankfully institutionalized neutral walls, when another painful thought hits me. It won't be long before the school decides to put its depressingly shoddy excuses for Christmas decorations. With the affirmation that soon, there really will be nowhere to escape I run back up the driveway, give Rudolph a long hard stare and then, my eyes gleaming with a sparkle that only comes with revenge, give him a swift hard kick in the fiberglass shin. The corners of my mouth turn up in retribution and I am satisfied. Laura Keane 11D ...read more.

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