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Autobiography - The Incident

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Autobiography The Incident My name is Oke Adhokorie I was born on April 2nd 1989. On December 2002 (the Christmas holidays) my family and I went on holiday to Holland. This was my first trip abroad so I was excited about the prospect of going to a different country when my family and I arrived in Amsterdam, it was dark, cold and I was beginning to feel sleepy. A few minutes later my godfather came to pick us up in his car. When we finally got to my godfather's house, we went straight to bed. The next morning I started the day by first having my breakfast and then by downloading games from the computer and playing them for the rest of the day. ...read more.


The following day while playing games on the computer I suddenly fainted. My mother phoned for an ambulance and I was quickly taken to the hospital. While going to the hospital I regained consciousness and started to feel a large amount pains in my hip. The doctor at the hospital assumed that I had an epileptic fit so she prescribed me some tablets. However, my mother did not let me take these pills because she was convinced I had not had an epileptic fit. On 4th January 2003, while waiting to come back home to London I fainted again because of the unbearable pains shooting through my hip. ...read more.


I was then moved to the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore. There I had an operation to reposition the bone that had moved form its natural position. At the time of the operation, I was very scared and frightened but they told me I was to be put to sleep so this calmed me down a little bit. I was then put to sleep. Two and a half hours later I woke up and felt a dreadful pain in my hip. I was taken to my hospital bed and was given some painkillers to ease the pain in my leg. A few weeks after the operation, I was taught how to use my crutches. On 8th February, I was discharged from the hospital. I was on crutches for eight weeks. I will never forget this incident in my life. By Oke Adhokorie 11JF C/W 9/11/04 ...read more.

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