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B] Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action.

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B] Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about abortion into action. There are several ways in which Christians may put their beliefs about abortion into action. Christians who do not really have a clear view on whether they are for abortion or not may pray to God and ask for his guidance. Christians who are against abortion may pray to God to save the foetus's and to guide the pregnant woman in the right direction of keeping the baby. Those who are for abortion may pray to God to understand what the women are suffering and not to condemn them, but to forgive them instead. Christians who do know what they back and who are against abortion may go into local schools and teach the pupils about the bad points of abortion and the importance of safer sex. They may not teach about contraception in case they are against that as well, as it interferes with natural law. Some Christians, for or against, may use Church and Bible teachings in discussions to persuade other people to go anti or pro abortion. Likewise they could vote for someone in Parliament who is strongly against abortion. Similarly if a Christian could vote for someone who wants to make abortion more available. ...read more.


They also have a national and local spokesperson who take part in debates, press coverage and broadcasted media. Also, they take part in peaceful protests, members holding signs and placards illustrating their views to passing people/traffic. Sometimes they picket outside abortion clinics and state their views there whilst questioning the staff and patients inside. Although the protests do get a little out of hand if there is a big opinion based argument LIFE is also a pro-life organisation that has been running for over thirty years. Their aim is to support to men and women about pregnancy and abortion. They offer free pregnancy testing as well as counselling, and have over 120 care centres across the U.K. They also run a telephone help line 12 hours a day 7 days a week for queries or a in depth conversation. LIFE have 34 houses nationwide to accommodate pregnant young women or mothers with small children. There they can learn life skills and be supported long after the pregnancy. LIFE are also affiliated to a charity called Zo�'s place, which is a hospice for babies with multiple disabilities and care for children up to the age of 5. LIFE also gives talks to students on the topic of abortion, along with others, such as: cloning, euthanasia and IVF. ...read more.


It was the first all-party pro-choice group in Parliament's history. Its purpose was to raise awareness in parliament of the needs of women seeking clean and healthy abortion in the UK. They believe the role of the doctor should be to help the patient come to her own decisions and then provide her with safe treatment, and not to decide whether she needs or deserves the abortion. They would like the outdated abortion act law (1967) so change so abortion is allowed on request in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The APPCG currently has a membership of 92 lords and commons from different political parties. The P.C.A, which it is a member of was set up two years ago by abortion campaigning groups such as APPCG and MSI, who wanted the NHS abortion law to change. They have just published a leaflet explaining the details for the law changes. They will be sending this leaflet to MPs, members of the House of Lords, health authorities, community health councils and other people who are involved with the decision making. Christians may choose to join these pro-choice groups because they help women in need. This could be showing agape or putting the teaching: "Help the weak", into practice. Although it may be argued that "Help the weak" may be used in pro-life groups too. Whether a Christian is for or against abortion, whatever they do is under the influence of love (agape) and forgiveness. ...read more.

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