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Baptising babies is pointless

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A03 "Baptising babies is pointless". Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have considered more than one point of view. Refer to Christianity in your answer. No, I do not agree with this statement as I believe that Baptism is a vital part of Christian life, as it is the rite of initiation and is the foundation for receiving all of the other sacraments. In the Catholic Church, when an infant is baptised, they are released from original sin. It is essential that our sins are removed and we are reborn a new person. It is widely believed in the Catholic Church that if an unbaptised child died before they reached their first birthday, they would not enter heaven, as they were not a member of the Christian community. ...read more.


In addition to this, when you are baptised, you are physically marked out as one of Christ's disciple as the oil of Chrism is used. The oil of chrism represents that the child has been chosen by God for a special task. The oil of catechumen is also present and this oil gives the child strength to be able to get through difficult times. Although the Adults present make the decision for the infant to be baptised, the child can return to the church and make the promises themselves at Confirmation (because baptism is the foundation for receiving the sacraments) that they will follow Christ throughout their life and do Gods work. ...read more.


In Baptist baptisms, the adult decides whether to be baptised and it is a personal choice so they may be more dedicated Christians. Similarly, the child cannot decide whether or not to be baptised. In some cases, Infant Baptism is seen as being literally pointless, for instance, a child may reach adult life and realise that Christianity is not for them and abandon their faith. To conclude, I do not think that baptising babies is pointless. I believe that baptism is a very influential part of a Child's life as they become a member of the Christian Church and move from spiritual darkness to light. Unfortunately, the infant is not capable of making the decision themselves, so it is very much down to the parents of that child. Baptism is the first and most important spiritual gift parents can give to their child. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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