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"Baptising babies is pointless." Do you agree with this statement?Give reasons for your answer showing you have thought of more than one point of view." I do not agree with the statement, 'Baptising babies is pointless

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GCSE Religious Studies AO3 "Baptising babies is pointless." Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer showing you have thought of more than one point of view." I do not agree with the statement, 'Baptising babies is pointless.' This is because I believe that by being baptised as an infant, a person will be able to be brought up in the Christian community and will be influenced, to some extent, by it. Christians believe that by being baptised, you are cleansed from original sin. This would enable the child a fresh start in life. However, some may argue that a baby is not born with sin, therefore cleansing it is pointless. ...read more.


I feel that infant baptism is important, because I believe that by receiving the Holy Spirit as a young child, it will help the person to grow up as a good Christian. Infant Baptism helps the parents of the baby realize what an important task they have to help the child grow into a responsible Christian adult. Although, baptising babies can be viewed as pointless because the baby does not know what is going on, and does not get a choice in the baptism. Also because the child has not had a choice in the baptism they have not agreed to what it may entail, they may not therefore live good Christian lives. ...read more.


In the times of Jesus it tended to be the adults who were baptised- though whole families could be baptised too, so they believe this is the way it should be. In the New Testament, we do not hear of children being baptised. In the Baptist church, man pledges and devotes himself to God, whereas in the Catholic tradition, the Holy Spirit comes to the child. In conclusion I do not think that infant baptism is pointless, because the child gets to grow up in the faith and when they are old enough, they can decide whether or not they want to be confirmed. Although I do appreciate the views people may reserve that this in fact forcing the child to enter a religion they do not yet understand. ...read more.

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