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"Baptising babies is pointless..."

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"Baptising babies is pointless..." Some Christians believe that baptising babies is pointless, because they fail to understand the significance of what the Baptism service represents. In other cases, Christians that are against Baptism do not agree with the features involved when being baptised, ie. Promises undertaken by godparents on behalf of the infant. Other Christians believe that baptising babies is essential to a young Christian's life. It magnifies the grace of God. The helplessness and vulnerability of the child is an illustration of our own helplessness before God and inability to save ourselves. ...read more.


Many adults who have had a Christian upbringing would say that they have never known the time when they have not believed in Jesus, although of course their knowledge of Jesus and of the implications of following him has grown and matured over the years. It's this concrete evidence which tips the scales in these Christian's favour. Many Christians in all sincerity question the wisdom of baptising babies, even the babies of committed Christian believers. ...read more.


In conclusion to this, I would have to pick the proverbial winning team and agree with the Christians that believe baptising babies is essential, because in actual fact it is. Not only is it a great way to be introduced to the Christian community, but it encourages a right attitude to God and it encourages the right attitude to Christian children, by this I mean that we treat them as full members of the family of the church from the beginning of their lives, which flourishes into a respect for God and Christianity which simply can not be matched by the feeble believers baptism. Peter Muscolino ...read more.

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