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Baptism all started due to the baptism of Jesus.

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PART 1 Baptism all started due to the baptism of Jesus. Jesus was immersed in water, which leads to water being used in Infant and Believers' baptism. Jesus received the Holy Spirit and began his mission, so other people give up their old life and gain a new life to, in a way, start their own mission. This gaining of new life would be symbolised as dying to sin and rising to new life in Christ. In an infant's baptism the person is baptised on the basis of the faith of the parents and godparents. In a believer's baptism, the person already believes in God. The sacrament of baptism unites the majority of the Christian churches. It acts as a solid foundation in the seeking of unity between all Christians. Some Christian churches such as the Catholic Church practise both while other churches only recognise adult baptism. This is because it is the original form and was used by Jesus. Infant baptism is the most common in the Christian Church today. Infant baptism was first used in the third century. Parents want to put their children through Infant baptism so that they will be raised as Christians. Babies are usually baptised at this age because baptism is the sacrament of initiation and it seems natural.1 The baby receives the sign of new life by depending on adults. ...read more.


The service concludes with a celebration of the Lord's Supper. Water is used and hands are placed on the candidates' head in both of these baptisms. Word Count=594 3 PART 2 Baptism allows the grace of God to enter our lives. This 'grace' is a way of describing God's kindness and love for us in offering us happiness, joy and life forever, even though we have not earned them. God's grace also allows us to be strengthened by the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus was at His baptism. Baptism is a symbol of a transformation that has, is and will continue to take place. This transformation is turning away from sin and trying to live our life based on the example of Jesus. We give up our old life and start a new one. This transformation also removes original sin, which is something that blocks us from God and prevents us from living our lives the way we want to. Some Christians believe that not everyone will feel transformed after going through the ceremony of baptism. All Christians believe that baptism is sacred or holy. The washing away of sin and the beginning of a new life are symbolised by the washing of the water. The person who is baptised is taking on the life of a Christian and is trying to have permanent worship of God and also tries to become more like Christ, as there is more love, service and righteousness involved. ...read more.


Infant baptism has been around since the third century and there is evidence of children being baptized in the early church. When a child is baptized he/she still has to take on the responsibility for the faith our parents gave us when we reach adulthood so whether we become a proper Christian or not still depends on our own decision. However, it could be that a person should only be baptized when they can make a personal commitment to Christ as an adult. The Baptist Church only baptizes adults and does not perform infant baptism. Even though we do not see any evidence in the New Testament of children being refused baptism, we only hear of adults being baptized in it. Also, some people who are baptized as a child may not act like a proper Christian or lead a proper Christian life; they may even leave the Church when they are adults. I think that infant baptism should be stopped because the person who receives the sacrament of baptism at a young age has not made the decision for themselves and is doing so on the basis of their parents faith. As this person grows older they may fade away from the church and could possibly leave it. This shows that they may not be brought up as true Christians. Word Count=283 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 ...read more.

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