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Baptism - infant and believers.

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A2O Baptism is the sacrament of initiation in the Christian church, baptism is also when you are cleansed from your sins it's the first sacrament of the seven sacraments, some Christian's feel that they have to get baptised because Jesus got baptised. Baptism is also an act of dedication and you do this by going to church every Sunday, sharing your knowadge with others by helping in different church functions, charities and anything else you church might need help in. It is a sign of commitment to a person's faith and heart its also a long life relationship with God a covenant between God and his child (the person who is being baptised) and you would do this by putting you faith into action i.e. in Mark 1:15-18 Jesus throws people out the temple you shouldn't throw people out of church but if you see someone doing something they shouldn't be doing tell them they are doing wrong. ...read more.


Therefore we all assume that because Jesus got baptised we should follow his example and that's what God wants us to do before we truly begin our life and work for him I his world. There are also a few references: "Go and make disciples of all nations baptising them in the name of the father, son and the Holy sprit" (Matthew 28:19) This means that every body can be baptised no matter what race, nationality you are as long as you believe in God you can be baptised and follow the ways of God only. "Peter also says, "Turn away from sin and be baptised" (Acts 2:14-42) Here Peter is saying try and resist temptation and just believe in God and he will help you when ever in doubt. Infant Baptism Infant baptism sees that we are cleansed from all original sins that stain our souls, due to the acts of Adam and Eve which refers to the fact that all humans when they are born they ...read more.


But when a person is baptised it is because they want to out of their own free will this means they can make decisions there selves and can therefore choose to sin or to be cleansed form sin. People soul dues their faith of God as the basis to make a moral decision about how to live their life in a better way. People can put their faith in to practise every day by taking time to pray to God and thank him for all the goods things he has given you and to thank him to die on the cross to forgive your sins they can also use their faith to share the knowledge with other people and spread their understanding, also they ca spare one hour each Sunday "Sabbath day" to dedicate to God and go to church. And if you share your life with God it helps you to stay on the right track, also you have a focus with God. By Danella Abraham ...read more.

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