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Baptism today

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Baptism today When Jesus was baptised he came from Nazareth to Galilee and met John by the River Jordan. When he was baptised the heavens tore apart and the Holy Spirit descended in the shape of a dove. Then suddenly a voice came from heaven saying, "You are my son, the beloved; my favour rests on you." This was the story of the first every baptism that took place. In the story when the heavens open this is a sign of the death of sin and the rising of a new life in Christ. The significance of he water is that it represents the purification/cleansing of the soul. When God says, "this is my beloved son, with whom I am well pleased" we get a unique insight to how close the father and son relationship between God and Jesus was. Baptism is very important today as helps influence people in their every day life. The oil we receive gives us strength to resist the things like drugs, alcohol and pre-marital sex that lead us away from the path of a true Christian. ...read more.


5. There is a reading from the New Testament and everyone joins in for a prayer to help the child stay safe. 6. Next the child is anointed with the Oil of Catechumens. This is put on the chest and prayers are said to keep the child spiritually strong. This makes us identify the daily struggles in our lives with Jesus' struggle on the cross. It strengthens us in firm commitment to God. 7. The child is then brought to the baptismal font. The priest blesses the water in which the baby is dipped in. The water is a sign of life in the Christian church and it purifies us from original sin. Water itself gives life but it can also cause death. This is a reflection of Jesus' death and resurrection. 8. The child has now been baptised and now a member of the Christian church. There are a number of other things that are involved with infant baptisms. 1. White Garment - White is a sign of purity. ...read more.


The children may choose not to live a Christian life and are therefore breaking the baptismal promises that were made on there behalf. Therefore the candidate should be baptised as an adult because they truly mean what they are saying and are less likely to break the baptismal promises. Not all parents who baptise their children live Christian lives themselves. There is a number of reasons that people believe that believers baptism is better than infant baptism. * The person has free choice over there decision to be baptised and which church they choose. * The person in usually much more committed to their church, as they have to do a 2-year course. * In the New Testament everyone is baptised as an adult. Christian get baptised because they believe that this is saving them from a life of sin. In marks gospel we find out the importance of Jesus' baptism, as this is the beginning of his ministry. It effects people in their every day life and encourages people to become good Christians. The fact that after over two thousand years that we still practice this sacrament is a testament to how important many feel that it is in modern society. ...read more.

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